What are your strengths? Your favorite video game genre reflects your personality

Favorite video game genre reflects personaliy

Several studies have shown that both your favorite video game genre says a lot about who you are. Read on and  you’ll know what  your personality traits are:

Like every other person, you’ve probably wondered what hidden skills you have that will help you stand out in the future or make your life better in the long run. Most of these thoughts probably came to you while you were playing a video game and then you felt bad about “wasting time.”

We have good news for you, though. A study in The Conversation says that playing video games can help you find skills you didn’t know you had. But that’s not all. They could also make you much happier.

The study is based on the findings of a number of other studies. One of them was published in the International Journal of Computer Game Technology. It talks about “The relationship between players’ value systems and how they act in games.” Another relevant study in this report was published on ResearchGate and looks at “behavior in massively multiplayer video games with offline leadership.”

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Both studies come to the same conclusion: how you act in video games is a good indicator of how you act in real life. The evidence shows that the real values of the players are usually pretty well reflected in the decisions they make during a game. This gives us a good idea of the personality of the game, even in made-up situations.

Video games expose unconscious data well

So things are. Video games aren’t just great for killing boredom. In fact, if you know how to observe well, they can tell you more about who you are than you might have thought. Our values and skills are often so tied to who we are that we don’t even realise they are there.

But going into a made-up and simulated space can help us move better. In psychology, this state is called a “flow state,” and it lets us fully focus on a single task for a long time.

The ego goes away. Time goes by quickly. As if it were playing jazz, every action, movement, and thought has to come after the last one. You put your whole self into it and use all of your skills to the fullest.

But how does this state of flow show us what we can really do? Here’s where the magic starts to happen. As Mihály says, “the ego disappears.” This means that your reactions are usually more honest because they don’t go through the filter of social perceptions, expectations, and rules that you or others have put on you.

This moment in a video game and what you do in it could teach you a lot about how to deal with conflicts, how to stay motivated, how to be persistent, and much more.

Which video game best reflects your personality?
video games are like people

  • The first one is called Action-Social (Action-Social), which is a video game term for being outgoing. The most important things are thrill-seeking, an interest in explosions, weapons, and competition between players.
  • The second one is called Mastery – Achieved. These are players who focus on making plans and setting long-term goals. In the same way, they are careful, enjoy challenges, strategy, reaching goals, and having power.
  • The third is Immersion-Creativity ( Immersion-Creativity ). These players like to have open experiences, and they tend to play more fantasies and games that let them find out more on their own. This group cares a lot about the history of video games as well as how they look.

We found strong links between personality traits outside of games and game motivations. So, players who are more outgoing tend to be better at Action-Social. And players who score higher on openness also tend to score higher on immersion-creativity. There was also some evidence that being conscientious and Mastery-Improving go together.

How do you know?

Now you know. From here, it’s up to you to figure out which style fits you best based on the books you like to read. We can’t tell you what to do, but we can say that if you pay attention to how and what you play, you’ll find out a lot more than you thought.

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