You can now schedule Instagram posts right in the app

schedule Instagram posts

Are you sick of using third-party apps to schedule Instagram posts? No more. The company has told us about a new feature that will take care of this problem.

Instagram is no longer just a place to share old photos. It hasn’t been that way for a long time. Today, it is a real business machine, and companies of all kinds use it to sell their products and services. Soon, it will be even easier for people in charge of social media to organize their Instagram posts.

You’ll be able to schedule posts with this feature. So, you won’t have to use tools from outside sources that could be used for bad things.

Content creators with professional accounts will be able to use the idea. So, the company has finally filled a need that has been there since it started. People who use Instagram for business know that there aren’t a lot of really useful features on the platform. It’s true that the company has been adding new features all the time, but most of them are just copies of features from competing apps like TikTok or BeReal.

How can you plan your next Instagram posts?

The company shows on its official blog how easy it is to do this. You will also have 75 days to schedule the publications you need, and you won’t have to download any additional software. Everything will be set up and ready to go in Instagram.

schedule Instagram posts

Just follow these steps to schedule a post on Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram and go to the section where you can post.
  2. Tap Advanced settings on that screen where the caption is added.
  3. Here, you’ll find a new button called Schedule this post.
  4. After you choose it, you can choose when you want it to be published. Tap Schedule at a later time.

Now, the content will be set to be posted on Instagram at a later time. Use the Scheduled Content function in the hamburger menu to view or cancel scheduled publications. In case you need to, you can change the settings in this same section.

Also, remember that only people who have a professional account will be able to use this feature. That is, if you want to use it, you will have to change your account type in the Instagram settings. The process is easy, and once you’re done, you can see things like how much your followers interact with your posts, the best days to post, and other numbers that companies use to measure how well a post did.

Last but not least, users of this app have already started getting this feature. That is, if it hasn’t come yet, it should be in your settings soon. Just keep in mind that this is an ongoing process, so you might not be able to use it for a few days or weeks.

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The social network gets more interesting news

Instagram has added another interesting feature in addition to adding this function to schedule. It is about the reels’ Achievements.

What’s the meaning? The company says that people who make content will be able to get achievements in the Reels section. They will have to earn them by making content, working with another creator, talking to the community, and even making more than one reel a week.

After you post your reels, you will be told right away if you have reached a goal related to any of the above. This feature is still being tested, but it should be available to all users around the world by the end of this week.

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