You can now post Reels from third-party apps on Facebook

You can now post Reels from third-party apps on Facebook

Meta has added a new feature to Facebook: a button that lets us share videos from any third-party app to Reels quickly. Does it work that way.

Meta is putting a lot of money on its Instagram and Facebook Reels. Now that the corporation has updated its platform, we can share movies from third-party apps.

The business thinks the new integration would make sharing videos to Facebook Reels easier. We had to download, find, and edit videos to share them before. We’ll be able to share and edit rapidly with the new capability.

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TheShare on Reelsbutton has already been added to a number of video services. VivaVideo, Vita, and Smule are just a few of them. In the same way, apps that want to add the button to their services only need to go to the Meta developers website and follow the steps there. Integration will depend on whether or not the apps want to work together.

Once integrated, third-party apps will have a Reels button so users can share short videos and edit them with Reels’ audio, text, effects, subtitles, and stickers. Now, you don’t have to download videos and then upload them later. You can make and share videos with the touch of a button.

John McCarthy, who works at Meta as the Director of Product Management

Meta wants to help people’s videos reach more and more people by making it easy to share Reels on Facebook. A feature that is similar to the “Add Reel to Story” option on Instagram, but with a much bigger goal.

Reels is now available on Facebook

After only being available to a small number of people in the U.S., Reels is now on Facebook in a big way. Now, people from all over the world can watch these short videos almost anywhere in the app. But it has a place for them so that you don’t miss any.

Meta has also been working to make it easier to make money with Reels and to give creators new ways to make money with ads.

It’s easy to look at Reels on Facebook, and even if you don’t want to, you probably will. When you open the app, you’ll see that the top part is split into three parts: Stories, Reels, and Rooms. Of course, you have to go into the second one to see these short videos. But as you scroll down your Facebook home page, you’ll see “islands” that have Reels that you might be interested in.

Facebook and Instagram Reels were made to compete with the popularity of services like TikTok and Meta. TechCrunch says that even though people were skeptical at first, the format has quickly become the “fastest growing content format yet.” It is also the fastest way to get more followers on Instagram and Facebook.

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