You can add automatic captions to videos on TikTok

automatic captions on TikTok

The automatic captions on TikTok helps make the platform easier to use. Especially for people who have trouble hearing. At first, it is going to be available in English and Japanese, but more languages will be added.

When a platform grows as much as TikTok does around the world, the ways people can use it must also change. In the last few hours, the popular video platform announced that all of its videos will now have automatic subtitles.

In its official announcement, TikTok said that it needs more tools for inclusion to help people express themselves and reach more people. “We’re committed to making apps that are welcoming to everyone, and that means making products and tools that help our diverse community,” the company says in a statement.

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So, when they use the service, it will be a more complete experience for them. And while users could already manually caption their posts by adding text above the clips, the new option uses a simple, straightforward method.

How do the automatic captions on TikTok work?

Now, people who make content will be able to choose to have automatic subtitles added when they edit their work before publishing it. TikTok will listen to the sound and type it out, putting the text over the video. Once subtitles are created, the creators can fix faults or errors.

It’s important to make it clear that other users won’t have to copy the content with the subtitles. To share the posts, it’s easy to turn them off from the panel. When support for a wider range of languages will arrive is still unknown. But TikTok said it would happen in the “next few months.”

“We are working with our community to get the word out and encourage all creators. Use automatic subtitles and the other features that make content more accessible,” the service said.

TikTok already has other tools that make it easier for people to use. Among these are the “text-to-speech” feature and warnings about content that can be damaged by light. With this last option, people with epilepsy can skip posts that could be bad for their health.

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