Yahoo! Mail new features are similar to those of Gmail

Yahoo! Mail

With its latest updates, Yahoo! Mail now has a much more organized inbox. Even when you want to stop getting newsletters: This great alternative to Gmail lets you stop getting emails with just one touch.

Gmail is hard to beat, but there are still companies that want to beat Google. Like Yahoo!, which is one of the oldest companies on the Internet. Its search engine isn’t very popular in most countries. But in Japan, it has a big share of the market, and it still has a very powerful and feature-rich mailbox. A new Yahoo! Mail keeps getting better and better.

Yahoo! Mail – get organized

Even though Yahoo! Mail isn’t as well-known as its main competitor, Google, it has a lot of options that make it more appealing to use. And having 1 TB of storage space is one of them. With this much space, it’s hard for emails to make the account go down. Yahoo! Mail can also be used for Google, Microsoft, and Pop3 accounts as well as company accounts. Also, new features are starting to come out that make it better to use mail trays.

With the new Yahoo! Mail features, users have a more powerful inbox that can filter out too much mail. Because how many can you get from one person? Even with the search engine built into the mail trays, going mail by mail can be a pain. So, Yahoo! Mail’s “Group by sender” feature makes it easier to block emailers when a reply in Slack is enough.

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Changes included to Yahoo! Mail

Changes included to the mail client  The changes included in the mail client are:

Grouping by Sender

You can sort emails sent to you by different people in Yahoo! Mail. This makes it easier to see all of a user’s submissions and do things like delete them all at once. You can also find important messages and send out bulletins.

Updated top of the inbox menu

Yahoo! Mail moves some tabs to the top of the tray. So, for example, you can see all of your email attachments at once. It shows subscriptions as well.

Down with a single push

 In addition to making it easy to find subscriptions, Yahoo! Mail has a button that, when pressed, removes the user from the mailing list.

Reminders to renew subscriptions

With this very useful feature, the mail app can let you know when a subscription is about to end. Ideal for canceling on time and not having to pay more.

All of these news stories are already in Yahoo! Mail on both Android and iOS. It’s free in mobile stores, and you don’t have to have a Yahoo! account to use your mail app.

Yahoo! Mail

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