Microsoft warns that Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass will eventually face price rises

Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass will face price rises

Microsoft could raise the price of the Xbox Series X|S like Sony did, also Xbox Game Pass would get expensive.

The economy of the world is in bad shape right now. Several industries are affected by this, of course. Technology is one of them. Because of inflation and the constant change in the value of currencies, many companies have had to raise the prices of their goods. Sony had to raise the price of the PS5. Also, Microsoft will probably do the same with Xbox services and consoles.

People from Redmond said at the end of August that they had no plans to raise the price of Xbox Series X | S. However, today they said something a little different. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, which Tom Warren wrote up, Phil Spencer, the CEO of Xbox, said that the company will not be able to keep up with its current costs for long.

Xbox Series and Game Pass would get expensive

“We haven’t changed the price of our console, our games, or our subscription. I don’t think we can keep going on like this. I think we’ll have to raise the prices on some things at some point…”

Be careful with what was said before, because it suggests that the price of both Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass could go up. Since it first started, the service has been known for being a great idea. Not only because it has a lot of titles, but also because it’s inexpensive. Microsoft is the best video game subscription service available right now. Now, a small change in the monthly rate could make a big difference.

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Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass price rises

Even with all of that, Spencer said that nothing will change, at least for the Christmas season, which is the most important for sales in the video game business. “I think we’ll have to raise prices on some things at some point, but we thought it was important to keep prices low for the holidays.”

Will there be more Xbox Series X | S consoles and services in the coming year? We can tell from what its director said that it is. If it happened, Microsoft would be like Sony and even Steam.

People already know about what the Japanese did. Almost everywhere but the US, the price of the PS5 went up at the end of August. In Spain, the standard version now costs €549.99 (it used to cost €499.99) and the digital version now costs €449.99 (it used to cost €399.99). In Mexico, the price of each model went up by $1,000, so now you have to pay $14,999 and $12,499.

Valve put up the suggested prices of the games on Steam. Aside from keeping up with the current value of the US dollar, they also want developers to have an easier time setting prices based on each region’s currency.

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