Xbox Game Pass reveals much anticipated Family plan

Microsoft is working on a family plan for Xbox Game Pass, which would let up to five people use the same subscription to play games.

Microsoft is working on adding a family plan to its subscription video game service, Xbox Game Pass. This is something that has been wanted for a long time. The information was made public by Windows Central, which means that the alternative will be available this year, but doesn’t say more about when it might come out.

If confirmed, the platform would have a feature that is already common in streaming music, movies, and TV shows. It looks like the new Xbox Game Pass family plan would let up to five people use the subscription at the same time.

Microsoft has been interested in this kind of idea for a long time. But the Redmond company would have waited to make important changes before the final jump for its implementation. Among them were how royalties would be split and other questions about using licences from third parties that weren’t in the original plan.

Even though the information we have isn’t very clear, it seems like there wouldn’t be a single family plan. Rather different levels that would change based on how many players there are. It says that Microsoft would use the family account system that it already has in other products, like Office 365. Also, that all of the people who use an Xbox Game Pass family subscription should be from the same country.

Xbox Game Pass family plan is near, but there’s more 

Just like the possible release date is unknown, so are the prices for the Xbox Game Pass family plan. But it is said that this plan would cost a lot less than the same amount of money for multiple individual subscriptions.

The Windows Central report hasn’t explained if the family options will be the same for both Xbox and PC users. Or if they will only be available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Despite the lack of information, many Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been hoping for a family plan. Switch Online already offers this option, therefore it was only a matter of time before another platform did.

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People also think that Microsoft might announce the family plan quickly to try to set itself apart from the renewed PlayStation Plus. Remember that a few days ago, Sony released a new subscription service. That is often called its answer to Xbox Game Pass, even though the two services are very different.

About 25 million people around the world are currently using Xbox Game Pass. The service has been a big hit, and there are several reasons for this. First, it can be played on both Xbox and PC consoles. Second, Microsoft games are released on the platform the same day they go on sale in physical and digital formats. Third, Xbox Cloud Gaming has taken cloud gaming to a whole new level and given old consoles like the Xbox One new life.

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