With Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept, you can attach a Leica camera lens to your phone

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept gives photography fans what they’ve always wanted: a phone that can hold Leica M interchangeable lenses.

Xiaomi would be on the verge of making a lot of professional photography fans’ dreams come true. The Chinese company showed off the Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept, a phone that can hold camera lenses. The terminal is similar to the 12S Ultra, but it has a mount for Leica interchangeable lenses that makes it stand out.

According to the company that made it, this idea was made at the same time as the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. Even though they look almost the same from the outside, the Concept has a second 1-inch sensor that picks up the light from the outside lenses. The way the sensor is set up means that less light is lost, which makes the images sharper.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept also has a stronger body to support the lens’s weight. Leica M series lenses can be used with the phone. The frame on the bib makes it easy for the user to adjust them to fit. As an extra measure of safety, Xiaomi put a sapphire crystal over the new sensor to protect it from scratches, dust, and everyday use.

Once the lens is in place, all you have to do is open the camera app to start taking pictures. The phone can take 10-bit RAW photos and has other features. For example, like focus peaking, histogram, and zebra pattern. This can be used to control how the final photo turns out.

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Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept wants to revolutionize photography

The Chinese company said that the idea behind making this concept was to make the Xiaomi 12S Ultra camera even more useful while keeping its portability. To do this, some changes have been made, the most obvious of which is that some parts have been moved. On the 12S Ultra, the main lens used to be where the new sensor is now. This means that the ultra-wide camera has been moved to the side.

Even though the idea is interesting, Xiaomi has no plans to make them for a large number of people. Each smartphone costs about 300,000 yuan (about 42,000 euros), and only 10 were made for some influencers. The 35mm Leica Summilux lens in the video costs €5,500, so a Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept kit with the lens would be the same price as renting an apartment for two to three years.

In any case, the idea behind Xiaomi never stops to amaze me. Even though the idea of putting lenses on a phone has been around for a long time. However, adapters don’t always lead to good results. Not only is it not a comfortable camera to use. But the way the sensor is set up also makes it hard to get good photos.

The Galaxy NX, an Android-based camera that looks like a DSLR and came out in 2013, was one of the strangest attempts to bring professional photography to phones. Even though Samsung hoped to combine the best of two worlds, it didn’t work out the way it wanted. The high price of the device and the low quality of the photos were enough to kill the idea and make sure it would never be tried again.

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