With iOS 16 beta, you can stop unwanted screenshots from filling up your gallery

iOS 16 beta

With the new iOS 16 beta, you can copy and delete a screenshot so it doesn’t get saved in the gallery.

In iOS 16’s fifth developer beta, you can turn on the battery percentage without navigating to the control centre. This isn’t the only useful addition to the next major iPhone upgrade. Apple has also created a technique to prevent screenshots from overflowing the gallery.

In particular, the new iOS 16 beta has a new option that appears when a screenshot is taken and the “Done” button is clicked on the editing page. This lets the image be saved in different places. Up until now, Apple has given you the option to save the screenshot in Photos, a note, the Files app, or even to delete it for good. In the new update, however, there is also a button called “Copy and delete.”

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This new option in iOS 16 lets you copy the screenshot to the iPhone’s clipboard, as the name suggests. The user can then paste it into a text box and share it through iMessages, social networks, or email, for example. Apple, on the other hand, will take the screenshot out of the gallery so it doesn’t show up there. So, it’s a great choice if you want to share something quickly but don’t want to keep the image.

Battery percentage is also back in iOS 16 beta 5

iOS 16 also lets you adjust the battery percentage in the same symbol at the top of the screen. Also, iOS 15 requires you to go to the control centre or utilise a widget to see the battery %. With iOS 16, however, there is an option in the system settings that lets you turn on the percentage.

So, all the user has to do is go to Settings > Battery and click on “Battery percentage.” In the upper right corner, inside the battery-shaped icon, you’ll see a number that shows how much power the iPhone has left.

Remember that iOS 16 will come out in the fall for all iPhones that can use it. Aside from these small new features, the new version also lets you fully customize the lock screen. Also, it lets you edit or delete messages, and make other security and privacy-related changes.

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