Windows 11’s iCloud integration lets you view iPhone photos on your PC


Windows 11 will work with iCloud, the system that all Apple devices are part of. So that you can make use of it.

Even though Windows and iOS are both very popular, they have always had a hard time integrating with each other. Users will soon no longer have to worry about that. Microsoft has just made an announcement that they are working with Cupertino to add iCloud integration to Windows 11.

First, Apple adds iCloud Photo Library to the Photos app in Windows 11. In a slightly native way, this brings their ecosystem closer to the competing operating system. Let’s remember that until now, the iCloud app for Windows was the only way to connect the two, and it wasn’t very good. However, both companies now seem to have come to an agreement.

But this isn’t everything. Microsoft and Apple have also gotten down to business to bring Apple TV and Apple Music to Windows 11. Even though both services have web-based versions, neither has a Windows program that lets you use it. You can get to Apple Music through iTunes, but that’s not a very good “fix” by today’s standards.

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Apple’s iCloud ecosystem is now available on Windows 11

“We know that many Windows customers have collections of photos and videos on their iPhones that they’d like to be able to see on their PCs,” said Dave Grochocki, Windows Product Manager.

“This iCloud Photos integration will make it easy for iPhone owners to access all of their most important memories in one place. It’s another step in our ongoing work to make Windows 11 as smooth as possible.”

Dave Grochocki

This is a big step forward for both companies’ customers and a good thing for them. After all, a lot of people who use Apple also use Windows. The fact that information couldn’t be shared between the two operating systems only slowed things down, making macOS seem like the only option.

If you want to see how well the two systems work together, you can do that right now. Both Apple and Microsoft have already updated their Windows apps.

How to put services in sync

The process of integration is simple and straight forward. All you have to do is follow the steps we list here.

  1. Use your Windows computer to go to the Microsoft Store.
  2. Update the Photos app later. This app is part of the operating system.
  3. Once this step is done, go to the same Microsoft Store and get iCloud for Windows.
  4. Once it’s on your computer, open the new app and use your Apple ID to sign in.

The Photos app and iCloud for Windows will sync in just a few minutes. So, you can open the Windows Photos app on your computer to see photos and videos taken on your iPhone.

This is part of Apple’s plan to bring its products to more platforms. So, we’re seeing a change in the company’s strategy, which is to put subscription services ahead of selling physical products.

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