Which programming languages will be in high demand in 2022?

most popular programming languages in ​​2022

Programming languages are used to make apps, web pages, process data, and do a lot more. As a result, they are more or less well-known in the scientific and business fields.

More than 200 programming languages are estimated to exist worldwide. Some say 700. Many have been forgotten. Some are creators’ quirks. Some languages have helped us exist in our hyper-technological society. Programming languages allow humans to write in a machine’s language, from punch cards to voice commands.

Instructions, commands, and algorithms are written in programming languages. Coding Code makes machinery, electronics, programs, apps, and other software work. We require these languages to produce code and communicate with machines, computers, and gadgets.

To know all  languages is impossible. Mastering several of them requires learning them. How to begin What languages should a programmer, data analyst, or web developer know? We provide three complementary rankings.

TIOBE index pick

We’ve discussed TIOBE. Dutch code analysis business. Every day, they evaluate over 1 billion lines of code from public and commercial companies. They also make an index of popular programming languages.

July is a wonderful time to learn new languages because of the index. How to analyze? Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Baidu. With the results, they rank each language’s popularity. What languages need programmers and firms?

In July 2022’s TIOBE index, the outcomes were: Python, C, Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, SQL, Swift. The same names are on last year’s list. The first three differ (in 2021 they were: C, Java and Python). New is Swift’s ascent from 16th to 10th.

most popular programming languages ​​according to the TIOBE index (July 2022)

Python’s application in data processing and analysis has kept it at the top. It’s straightforward to learn and allows you to construct scientific apps that analyze numerical data. Java is popular because you can make apps for any platform easily. C, its descendants, and Visual Basic are programming old friends. JavaScript and SQL are utilized in web design.

The list has two oddities. One of the first languages. Still in the TOP 10? On one side, it’s still taught since it helps understand computer languages and software. On the other side, it’s used in financial platforms that require inhuman speed. HFT, high-frequency trading in English and Spanish. In embedded systems, real-time systems, and other devices.

Apple’s Swift language is gaining popularity since its network of devices and operating systems allows the propagation of the same app or game across all its platforms. Programming in Swift lets you create apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

The top programming languages according to DevJobsScanner

TIOBE isn’t the only site to rank programming languages. Another noteworthy rating is by DevJobsScanner, a platform that examines and distributes web and software development job offers. More than 400,000 offers are listed. And recruiters’ programming languages are on the list.

The newest rating covers eight months, from October 2021 to June 2022. From there, they compiled a list of the 8 programming languages most used in software-related jobs and technology.

The DevJobsScanner ranking is led by JavaScript and TypeScript. Next are Python, Java, C#, PHP, C and C++, Ruby, and Go. The list is the same, but in a different order. PHP is in this TOP 8 while in TIOBE it’s 11th.

Ruby and Go surprise in this TOP. DevJobsScanner says Ruby on Rails’ popularity is to blame. Ruby is used by Twitter, Crunchbase, and GitHub. Go, a Google language for massive databases and network computers, in the list is surprising. According to DevJobsScanner, Uber or Twitch use Go, and it’s growing slowly but steadily.

Stack Overflow’s survey

Every year, Stack Overflow surveys 80,000 engineers about their tools. Then fascinating data emerges, like which programming languages are most popular. Which languages are needed for certain development jobs? If you don’t know Stack Overflow, it’s a popular site for programming and software development issues. Their latest data shows more than 100 million monthly visitors.

Stack Overflow's most popular languages

Most recent Stack Overflow survey is from May 2021. 2022 must drop. However, we’ll maintain its programming language data. With the top 10 responses from 83,052 people.

The list includes JavaScript. Then HTML/CSS, Python, SQL, Java, Node.js, TypeScript, C#, C++, and PHP. We omit Bash and Shell because they’re UNIX and Linux command interpreters and programming languages. Web development languages stand out: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, SQL, and PHP. As for software programming, Python, C#, and C++ stand out. The first for its versatility in data processing and management.

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