WhatsApp will let you edit sent messages, but it will be visible

Edit sent messages on WhatsApp

We have known for a long time that WhatsApp was working on a way to edit sent messages. This means changing the sent text to fix a typo, add a comma to make a phrase make more sense, etc. Well, we now know that it will also show when we make changes to a message in the true Telegram style.

When you use the app WhatsApp, it’s hard for something to go unnoticed. Do you delete a message ? “This message was deleted” says it all on WhatsApp. Do you drop out of a group? WhatsApp notifies all participants (at least, until the changes that we discussed some time ago arrive ). As expected, the same thing will happen with messages that have been changed.

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Edit sent messages on WhatsApp

On May 31, WaBetaInfo discovered that WhatsApp was working on editing sent messages. As of now Android WhatsApp beta has this. On September 16, WhatsApp released a snapshot of a modified message.

When a message is changed in WhatsApp beta version for Android, the word “Edited” appears next to it. This is how the app has to show both our conversation partner and us that the message has been changed. The same thing happens as in Telegram.

We don’t know if the message history will be accessible in some way (to see the modifications made). Or if a message sent, forwarded, and then edited will be changed to reflect the edit. We do know, thanks to WaBetaInfo, that after sending a message, we will have 15 minutes to change it.

This feature is being worked on right now, and we don’t know when, if ever, it will be ready.

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