WhatsApp introduces beta version of a new app for Mac

WhatsApp for Mac

WhatsApp has released the beta version of its long-awaited universal application for the Mac, which is based on Catalyst and opens the door to the iPad.

The beta version of the long-awaited universal app for Mac has been released by WhatsApp. A completely different app, both in terms of what it does and how it looks. This could mean that the long-awaited version of WhatsApp for iPad is around the corner.

This new version of WhatsApp for Mac is based on Apple’s Catalyst technology, which was released in 2018 and lets developers make Mac versions of their iPad apps. Because almost all of the code for an app is the same on both platforms, this makes the process of making it much easier.

As I said before, the release of beta version for Mac suggests that the iPad version is not far away. It would use most of the same code thanks to Catalyst. The company has been testing the multi-device system for a while, which is important for putting WhatsApp on the iPad. Now, everything seems to be falling into place better than ever.

What is new in this updated version of WhatsApp for Mac?

Up until now, the Mac version of WhatsApp was built on Electron, which is a framework that turns the web version of WhatsApp into a desktop app. Even though this framework makes development much easier for the companies that use it. It doesn’t offer the same performance or experience as an app that was written specifically for the platform in question.

So, releasing a version of WhatsApp for Mac based on Catalyst should help in this way. It should also make it easier to add new features in the future. Since development would be the same for both the iPad and the Mac.

Images from WABetaInfo show that the user interface is more like the iPhone than the current version of WhatsApp for Mac. Therefore, Apple’s three platforms will have more in common.

To get this beta version, you need to sign up WhatsApp beta channel for Mac. But there are only a certain number of slots, so you will have to wait. Also, since this is a development version, some parts of the app might not work as they should.

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Catalyst has been used for a long time to make it easier to make apps for Apple platforms. Many of the apps that the company builds into macOS, like Apple TV, Stock Market etc, were made with this. This technology has also been used for years by third-party apps like Twitter.

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