What we know about the GTA 6 hacker

GTA 6 hacker

In the last few hours, we’ve been able to learn more about the GTA 6 hacker. A popular forum found out about it.

The leak of GTA 6 will be the biggest story in the video game industry in 2022, without a doubt. After videos and pictures of an early version of the game started showing up all over the internet, Rockstar Games confirmed that their network had been hacked and confidential files had been stolen. One person was to blame for the whole mess. A hacker who seems to be being watched.

On Monday, the same day Rockstar Games made its first statement, a well-known hacker forum revealed who was behind the leak. As already said, Arion is said to be the leader of LAPSUS $. Do you remember this group of people who broke the law online? Companies like NVIDIA, Samsung, Microsoft, Okta, and Mercado Libre have recently been attacked by them. He was a 16-year-old boy who lived in the United Kingdom, according to the authorities there.

According to the BBC, between the ages of 16 and 21, up to seven LAPSUS$ members were arrested at the end of March. But some of them were not given harsh punishments because they were not old enough to be adults. Arion would be one of them, of course.

The above forum makes sure that the hacker got out of jail on April 2, 2022, and that he or she couldn’t use the internet for a month. But it didn’t take him long to start acting like he used to. They are sure that Uber was his first big victim after he was set free. In fact, this attack happened just the week before.

GTA 6 hacker

On the GTA Forums, the hacker, who called himself “Teapotuberhacker,” also talked about his attack on Uber, which is interesting. He wanted people in that community to pay attention to him, so he told them this information. The truth is that most people did not trust it until a user was asked to download and open the shared file. This had more than 90 videos of a version of GTA 6 that was still being worked on. You already know how crazy things got after that.

As the hours went by, it became clearer that the hacker was trying to make money. He said he had the source code for GTA 5 and GTA 6, and he was willing to take offers in the five-figure range for GTA 5. Later, he said that he planned to talk to Rockstar Games to come to an agreement. This would keep him from leaking the GTA 6 code and other multimedia content that he allegedly had.

Now, we know from what Rockstar Games said that the only thing that got out was gameplay videos. That is, the criminal would not have the source code for GTA 6 or for the game that came before it.

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At the time this post was written, Teapotuberhacker was no longer on the internet at all. He didn’t connect to GTA Forums again, and his Telegram account, where he was also active on different channels, has been deleted.

If the hacker forum’s information is true, the UK authorities already know who they are dealing with. You can be sure that the leaked information about GTA 6 still has more to say…

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