What Is About Blank? Should You Remove It?

What is About Blank? Should You Remove It?

Some people are aware that about blank web page is a big no-no, but they just don\’t know what to do about it. If you find yourself in that boat, then you\’re going to want to remove it too.

In this blog post, we will be learning about what actually is \’about blank\’ page appearing in most web browsers of today. Plus, we will also put light on whether one should keep it or remove it.

What Is About Blank?


About Blank is a special page that is loaded when you open a new tab in your web browser. It is typically blank, but may also contain links to your favorite websites or a search bar.

Some people believe that about blank is some kind of a virus or malware, but it is not. It is safe to leave about:blank as your default new tab page. However, if you find it annoying, you can remove it by changing your browser\’s settings.

These days, most browsers have an “about:blank” command built into the browser. It’s a blank page that’s not a URL. Instead, it’s a command that tells the browser to open a new page. This command is useful for creating a blank canvas or background, such as a white page, or a blank background for a web page.

Should You Remove It?

If you\’re not familiar with about:blank, it\’s a page that is loaded when you open a new tab in Chrome (and other browsers). It\’s basically a blank page without any content on it having an all-white background.

Some people think that having about blank as the default page is a good idea because it\’s fast and lightweight. Others believe that it\’s a security risk because it could be used to load malware or phishing pages.

So, should you remove About:blank from your browser? That\’s up to you. If you\’re concerned about security, then you may want to consider removing it. However, if you\’re not worried about threats or risks, then there\’s no need to remove it. Keeping it will not harm your surfing experience.

Reasons to Keep About Blank Page

  1. Forbids the web browser from launching too many tabs or windows from the prior session.
  2. Certifies privacy when the web browser is opened.
  3. Controls and manages bandwidth by launching a content-free tab on the web browser to begin the session.
  4. Makes the browser homepage blank without any information.
  5. Manage tasks and activities on a vintage computer.
  6. Avert interruptions and disturbances to the max.

Reasons to Remove About Blank Page

  1. Often used by adware programs to display ads.
  2. Can be a sign that your computer is infected with malware.
  3. Most probably diminishes your PC\’s performance.
  4. Can be a security risk, as it can be used to phish for personal information.
  5. Can be annoying, as it can open new tabs or pages without your permission at times.

Causes of About Blank Page

  • If you are using a download manager like IDM etc, then upon clicking the download link you will be redirected to a new page i.e., the blank page in order to start the downloading process. The browser will open this blank page on which the pop-up window will appear asking you to download the file.
  • Upon writing the web page address in the URL bar, if you mistakenly made a typo then the browser will display an error or an about blank page without any content appearing on it. This can also lead to directing on web pages that will inject your machine with deadly viruses and malware.
  • When the browser can\’t process your request and is totally unaware of what you want from it, then in this case it generates the about blank page. It may be due to errors in the backend code of the website or disparities in the HTML or Javascript code. 

Uses of About Blank Page

If you\’re like most people, you\’ve probably come across \”about:blank\” at some point while browsing the web. It\’s a page that is typically used as a placeholder or as a default page when nothing else is specified.

For example, if you type in a web address that doesn\’t exist, you might see an about blank page instead of an error message. It is a built-in HTML page that is displayed when nothing else happens. It\’s basically a blank page that can be used for various purposes.

For example, some web browsers use this as the home page or start page. This can be useful if you want a clean slate every time you start your web browser. Some people also use it as a way to troubleshoot browser problems.

However, sometimes about blank acts as a browser hijacker that can change your homepage and default search engine. It can also generate pop-up ads and redirect you to unwanted websites. You should remove it to avoid these potential problems, but keeping it is not that much harmful as it looks.

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So, what is About:Blank, and should you remove it or keep it? Well, it is totally up to you the way you like. There aren\’t any serious threats or problems that will find your way upon keeping it.

In this article, we have done our level best to provide you with all the relevant details regarding the about blank page. These include reasons to keep or remove it, as well as the causes and uses of this specific blank page.

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