Watch ‘SALT,’ the first film made entirely by artificial intelligence

SALT, an AI-created film

Fabian Stelzer has been in charge of promoting SALT, a movie about the faraway planet Kepler 3 that was made by artificial intelligence. You also get to choose how the story goes on.

If you like sci-fi movies from the 1980s, you won’t find anything more like SALT. Starting with the fact that it was made by a computer, and the fact that you can change the story. Fabian Stelzer is in charge of the technology behind this interactive short film, which uses the power of several well-known AIs.

Stelzer has spent months working on SALT. With it, he gives thousands of users an interesting idea. He has been able to do more than just make his own movie thanks to models like Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and Stable Diffusion, among others. Also, the decisions that Twitter users make have an effect on how the story presented in the proposal continues.

Fabian Stelzer posts new chapters of SALT to the @SALT VERSE account every so often. In it, he tells people to watch the videos with the sound on (he does voice acting) and then vote between the different outcomes that will be shown in later episodes of the short film.

How SALT, an AI-created film idea, works

SALT is not just a bunch of still images stacked on top of each other. It has also been able to make scenes where the characters move and talk, thanks to the AI.

SALT, an AI-created film

How have the characters been able to talk and move without using real people? CNN says that this has been done with the help of Synthesia and Murf. The first one lets you move still images of people, while the second one makes it easier to give artificial intelligence voices.

Who writes the script, though? Well, it’s just GPT-3, the text generator model we’ve already talked about. Using this tool, a user made a scary story with pictures. Stelzer, on the other hand, used his computer and a lot of patience to do something that had never been done before.

The narrative of Kaplan 3 is told in SALT

We find the planet Kaplan 3 a number of light years away from Earth. It is a place where salt is the main resource. Even though salt is a harmless substance, this concentration of salt has put spacecraft and their crews in dangerous situations.

This is the world where the SALT story takes place. Also, it is often mixed with other stories and timelines that happen at the same time. All of this history is shown in short films, most of which are less than two minutes long. In them, we can see very detailed pictures of the planet, the ships, and other places that are important to the story.

Stelzer spends an average of half a day on each of these short films. When the AI is done with them, the user uploads them to Twitter, where his followers always wait for him. So, they can not only see the results, but also decide how the SALT plot will go.

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The person mentioned above says that he would like to take all the pieces and put them together into one long movie at some point. But what he has done so far with just artificial intelligence is enough to be proud of.

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