Video mode button will help WhatsApp record better videos


WhatsApp camera interface hasn’t changed much in a long time. However, the app is now testing out new features. One of the changes is the modes, which are taken from other camera apps.

WaBetaInfo told us that WhatsApp is working on a change to its camera interface that will let us record videos without having to keep our finger on the screen. This will be possible with a new mode that is only for recording videos.

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Video mode button for WhatsApp

Since a few years ago, WhatsApp has had its own camera. It has its own interface that lets you take photos or videos from within the app, and you can access it from the camera tab and the button to attach a photo in any chat. In the future, the tab for the camera will be replaced by a button that is already being tested.

Today, you can take photos with the WhatsApp camera by touching the shutter button once, and you can record video by touching it for a long time, which means you have to keep your finger on the button the whole time. Don’t put the camera on a tripod and leave it recording while you do something else.

Video mode for WhatsApp

Someone at WhatsApp must have realized that this isn’t very useful, because the app is getting ready to add a separate mode for recording video and taking photos. This will be accessible through new buttons at the bottom of the screen.

So, in photo mode, you can take pictures with just a touch of the button. In video mode, you don’t have to press the button for a long time to start recording. You won’t have to use an outside app, like your phone’s camera, to record the video in hands-free mode. Instead, you can do it right in WhatsApp. When? That’s still up in the air. The new feature is not yet available to people.

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