Valve’s Steam Deck now supports Windows installation

Steam Deck

Valve has released the official drivers so that you can install Windows 10 on your Steam Deck. But it looks like there is still a lot to do.

A big change has been made to the Steam Deck. Valve’s official website confirms that you can now put Windows on your portable console. Before now, there were no official drivers for the laptop that would allow the Microsoft operating system to work properly. Now, there are, but it won’t be as easy as it seems.

SteamOS is already on Valve’s Steam Deck. This makes sense, since a laptop needs an operating system to work. But the company has finally done what they said they would do when they announced the console, which was to make it possible to run Windows 10 with drivers and an installation guide.

The company has put out drivers for graphics, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth so far. This should be enough to run Windows on the console in a basic way. But the sound drivers are still being worked on. Valve has said that they are working closely with AMD to get everything ready soon.

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Because of this, if you install Windows 10 on your Steam Deck, you will find that the speakers and 3.5mm audio jack won’t work. There is, of course, another way to do this. You can connect external speakers or headphones to the USB-C port or Bluetooth to get sound from the phone.

Windows is here, but work remains

At the moment, it looks like Windows 10 will be the most recent version that the Steam Deck can run. What’s up? Windows 11 can only run on official computers if they have a TPM, and the console has fTPM. This security module is supported by Microsoft, but it hasn’t been turned on yet.

Valve will need to release a BIOS update for the Steam Deck before the fTPM chip can be used. This way, the module can be turned on, and later, the Steam Deck will be able to work with Windows 11.

On the other hand, Valve also explained what you will need to install Windows 10 on the console. Over time, the company will add new information to the website as it comes out about AMD audio drivers, the BIOS patch, and everything else.

Also, dual-booting isn’t yet possible on consoles, so if you choose Microsoft’s operating system, you’ll have to wipe SteamOS from your Steam Deck. But this was one of the features that Valve promised at the time. They have said that it should be ready in the future, but they haven’t said when that might be.

Advantages of Windows on the Steam Deck

When Windows 10 is put on a Steam Deck, there are some benefits. With the Redmond operating system, we’ll be able to play a lot more games, even ones that aren’t compatible with Proton. This is the layer of customization that SteamOS moves to in order to be able to run Windows games.

In this same order of ideas, we will be able to take advantage of Xbox Game Pass for PC, a service from Microsoft that lets us play a wide range of games for a small monthly fee.

If you install Windows 10 on your Steam Deck and aren’t sure, Valve has also made a help page that shows you how to use SteamOS to return your console to its factory settings. So, you’ll always know that you can undo any changes you make to the operating system.

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