Valve is already planning the next Steam Deck

Valve planning next Steam Deck

Valve plans for the future to celebrate the launch of the Steam Deck in Asia. The company is already thinking about how to improve the console’s software and hardware for the next version.

Even though many people are still waiting for the Steam Deck to become available in more countries, Valve is already thinking about the next version of its portable console. This is shown by a brochure that the company just put out a few hours ago to celebrate the device’s arrival in Asia, specifically in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

The article in question not only talks about how useful the device is. However, it also gives us a glimpse of what we might see in future versions or variations. The last part of the advertising material has a title that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Gabe Newell’s team says that in the future there will be more Steam Decks and more SteamOS.

“Steam Deck is the first of a new kind of handheld PC for Steam games. Valve will keep making improvements to the hardware and software of this product and add new versions of Steam Deck to the market. Just like the original and all PCs, these future products will still let gamers play the same Steam games they already know and love “says the brochure.

Valve’s statement is interesting since it reveals the future of Steam Deck. No one questioned that the business would release more handheld consoles. High anticipation after the announcement, many reservations, and favourable evaluations offer the firm a better sense of what to do next.

Next Steam Deck might take years

Now, just because Valve is already thinking about a new version of the Steam Deck doesn’t mean that it will be released soon. So don’t get too excited about seeing a “Steam Deck 2” or “Steam Deck Pro” in the next few months. Before that happens, Americans need to do something about the fact that the equipment is only available in a very small number of markets.

Japan, a top gaming market, will put the system to the test. The device’s rise in Asia is crucial to its future, especially considering the size of PlayStation and Nintendo.

Valve has been able to fix its supply line problems for the time being. The company will send the Steam Deck to reservists before anyone else. This gives us hope that the console will be able to reach more countries in the short and medium term. Let’s put our fingers together and hope we can get her before the next generation comes along.

In the US, you can pre-order the base model, which has 64GB of storage, for $399. There are two other versions that cost $529 (256 GB) and $649 (512 GB) and have more space and better features (512 GB).

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