Thanks to these emulators, you can play PS2 games on your PC again

PS2 games on PC

The PS2 came out to compete with Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox. This was the winner of the new console war, and it had a long life with many games. Many have been remastered and can be played on PC or new platforms, but others have been forgotten. To play them again, use a PS2 emulator.

Emulating a machine like the PS2 (especially quickly and accurately) was difficult a few years ago, but now its games can be played on any modern computer. Even in retro-console-like Raspberry Pi microcomputers.

Next, we’ll look at the top PlayStation 2 emulators for Windows 10 so you can play again. To play these games again, we’ll need the originals (never choose for piracy) and to download the PS2 BIOS for our region, which is questionable and illegal.

PS2 best games

Sony’s PS2 marked a before-and-after in video games. Despite Sony’s 18-year support for this console, it’s hard to find one now. Today, unless we buy used (at expensive costs), it’s hard to get.

As with many systems, it has had amazing titles and poor ones. The top games for this console, which we can play again with emulators, are:

  • THPS3 and 4
  • Vice City, San Andreas, GTA III.
  • RE4
  • MG2 and MG3
  • A-Spec
  • 2 God of War
  • Burnoutsaga
  • Soul Calibur
  • Tekken
  • J&D Saga
  • Ratchet-and-Clank Saga
  • ICO Shadow of Colossus

Also, fantastic games and accessories revolutionized how we play. We discussed the EyeToy camera, which allowed us to transcend the fourth barrier and be part of the game, and Rock Band and Guitar Hero, which let us play guitars and other instruments.

PS2 emulation requirements

The requirements for emulating this Sony console are:

  • Higher-than-Windows-7 (Windows 10 recommended).
  • Dual core processor, HyperThreading, SSE2 and AVX2 support, 2GB of video memory (4GB suggested) like the GTX 1050 Ti.
  • 4GB RAM, although 8GB is suggested.

If we wish to imitate games in 1080p, these needs must be greater.

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Windows PS2 emulators

If we want to reminisce and play PS2 games, we can utilize one of these emulators.

PCSX2 is a long-running emulator

The same creators built PCSX, the greatest PlayStation 1 emulator for Windows. This PS2 emulator offers several benefits. It features a full Anti Aliasing system and texture filters that make our old PlayStation games look better than the new HD remakes.

It offers features that increase gameplay, such as the option to create as many memory cards as you wish, manual save points, and hacks. We can use different controllers (PS3, Xbox, etc.) or a keyboard and mouse if we like.

This link downloads PCSX2. Windows, Linux, and macOS are supported.


It’s a long-running emulator. As one of the oldest, it functions best in every way. It has several added features that can improve PC gaming.

This emulator is compatible with all games released for Sony’s second console, therefore we can play any title.


Inexperienced users may find it difficult to start the emulator. We must setup it to work. Tune them well for best performance. Having the console BIOS in the emulator folder is illegal.

How to get going

Downloading the newest version of this PS2 emulator is the first step. To use emulation, we must also find the console’s BIOS. After downloading the latest version, we unzip and run “pcsx2.exe.”

  • First-time users must complete a brief configuration wizard. First, pick a language.
  • Second, configure the program’s plugins. Thanks to its modular nature, we may play with official or third-party plugins. We can configure a command plugin, a CD plugin, and a firmware… but we advocate leaving things default.
  • Finally, we’ll pick a BIOS. Once downloaded, copy them to the emulator’s “bios” folder and select “Update list” to see them. We choose one and click “Finish.”
  • Then we may play. We’ll configure the emulator first. In the top “Settings” tab, we can see all the program’s choices. We can configure graphics, hardware, and controllers here.
  • Click “System” and load the game in ISO format or from a CD/DVD.
  • Launch PCSX2

This application has various choices and settings. We recommend not changing the default setup until we have problems, since it can make games work worse.

Play! Emulator, an easy way to play PS2 games

Play! PS2 Emulator is a high-quality, easy-to-use emulator. This emulator assumes certain limits to make PS2 emulation easier and more accessible to all users, even those who don’t know how to configure anything. Load and play.

It’s the simplest and doesn’t require a BIOS. This emulator replicates games at a high level, therefore this binary isn’t needed to execute them.

Play! PS2 Emulator is available online. Open source emulator for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

PS2 Emulator


It’s an easy-to-use and-configure emulator. If the last one felt hectic, this one won’t. Plus, you don’t require the BIOS to load games, which simplifies setup.


Without BIOS, games require more powerful hardware to load. This can hinder game performance, especially on slow PCs. Also, some games aren’t compatible with Sony’s BIOS.

Multi-emulator RetroArch

RetroArch is the ultimate emulator. This software is a frontend for Libretro, our largest emulator pack. This can emulate retro and modern consoles on our PC.

It has many attributes. It’s the most complete emulator we’ve found, able to open almost any game with remarkable emulation precision. It has a super-advanced configuration that allows us to adjust all the parameters to perfection, and it has remarkable features like network play on any platform and game accomplishments.

Link to RetroArch download. This emulator works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and more. If it works, RetroArch can be installed.


RetroArch is a frontend, thus we can use it for PS2 and computer retro games. PS2 and other platforms offer multiple “cores” on which to run games, so we can choose the one that best suits our knowledge.


As it’s not an emulator, we rely on other developers (who produce the cores) to load games. RetroArch’s slow and intricate setup can turn off gamers.

Emulatorx, another PS2 emulator

Emulatorx is another PS2 emulator. This open source tool will replicate many consoles and systems with a redesigned, easy-to-use interface. We may download emulators online from the same program.

This program’s features boost gaming. It’s compatible with accomplishments and allows us to build backup copies of our saved games.

Link to EmulatorX.


It’s a multi-platform emulator, therefore we can use it to simulate any game. It contains numerous more capabilities and features not seen in similar apps, which increase the gaming experience.


Like RetroArch, it’s not a PS2 emulator, but a frontend for emulating numerous systems.

PS2 emulator ePSXe

This emulator runs most PS2 games on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It’s easy to use and lets us customize game controls, music, and video.

It needs a PlayStation BIOS to work properly. This emulator uses plugins to configure sound, CD input, and graphics, which can be difficult for some users.

Their website offers ePSXe downloads.


A quick, efficient, multi-platform emulator makes playing games on this system easy. This emulator provides a variety of configurations to suit our needs.


Sony BIOS is required for it to work. Also, the compatibility list is limited, therefore some games may not operate properly or boot at all in this emulator.

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