Twitter initiates testing edit button, but there is a catch

Twitter initiates testing edit button, but there is a catch

After a long time, Twitter has finally started testing the long-awaited edit button. Hence, having the ability to change tweets. But most people won’t be able to use this option any time soon.

By far, the most-requested feature on Twitter is the button to edit tweets, and the social network has listened.. Also, it added that it is likely that more people will be able to use it in the coming weeks.

There is a catch, because the tool s will only be available to people who pay for Twitter Blue. This means that you will have to pay to use it and that you will only be able to do so in a few countries. In particular, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

At the moment, there is no news about when it will be available to the rest of the social network’s users. In fact, Twitter can’t decide if the option to edit tweets will only be available to those who pay for the service or if it will be added to the rest of their accounts at some point.

What does it mean that you can now edit tweets?

Twitter says that during the test phase, settings will allow users to change their tweets more than once. But they will only have a certain amount of time to do so. The edit will only be accessible for 30 minutes after it is published, and all changes will be made public.

The social network has said that edited tweets will have an icon, also a timestamp. There will be a label that show when it was last changed, and that says it is no longer the original. If you tap on the last one, you can see the publication’s edition history and compare variants.

Because of how Twitter has described this long-awaited feature, the final tweet-editing tool may undergo some alterations. We must wait a few days to see if the service is approved and if it meets our needs.

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An old claim

Users have been asking Twitter for a long time to let them change their tweets. But the company didn’t think about this possibility until this year. Most of the complaints I heard or read about this topic were that the service isn’t functional for spell-check.

The social network’s main goal was to make sure that it is not used to make “malicious changes” to the previous publications. This is how rumors started that it might be possible to add a time limit.

Twitter had already started working on a similar feature in Twitter Blue. However, it was meant to delete a tweet instead of change it. Another surprising thing was that even Elon Musk said that tweets should have an edit button. Let’s not forget that after his short time on Twitter’s board of directors, the tycoon asked his millions of followers if they wanted such an option in a survey.

Soon after, the social network clear that the feature is under trials. They said that the project had been in the archive since before the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX came to work at the company.

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