Twitter has become a podcast app as well

Twitter podcast

Twitter now enables users to listen to podcast from the Spaces tab, even if they were recorded somewhere else. The new Spaces interface has a podcast directory and a Twitter directory all in one place.

Twitter has said that it will add a directory of podcasts to Twitter Spaces, its live audio feature for having conversations in real time. The tab will be changed to fit the upgrades in the iOS and Android apps. Everyone will have access to it in stages, starting with people who speak Anglo-Saxon.

Inside Spaces, you can choose from a variety of live programs or content that has already been made, such as News, Sports, Music, Movies, etc. It will be up to an algorithm to choose content that is just right for each user. For example, if he follows journalists who write about the conflict in Ukraine, he will see live conversations or shows about this topic.

“Studies suggest that over half of Twitter users in the US listen to at least one podcast a mont. Therefore we want our users to be able to locate new podcasts on Twitter.”

Why Twitter has built-in podcasts 

It’s working out very well for Spotify, and it gave them a new way to make money that’s better than playing music.

But the one with the most surface area doesn’t squeeze as much. Twitter has already played around with the idea of letting people write articles right on the site. This proposal will not be applicable. As the only method to write without a character restriction is through connecting articles. Spaces, a wonderful UI feature that was deleted, hasn’t been modified since it was added.

People might use the function more if they could record live conversations that happen in Spaces and then listen to and organize them. Usually, valuable and interesting conversations happen on their own. And it gives a lot of people the courage to share their ideas without having to put money and time into making a podcast first.

How can you compete with industry benchmarks?

Even more confusing is the fact that you can listen to podcasts hosted on other platform, on Twitter. Most users already use Apple Podcasts or Spotify. This is especially true in North America. But it can also be a suggestion that helps a user’s followers find out more about them outside of the platform.

For Twitter to even be able to compete with Spotify, Apple Podcast, or any other podcast-playing app, it will need to have a set of features that users already expect, like being able to download episodes so they can listen to them later.

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But Twitter has a big advantage: it can link a real-time conversation to a specific piece of content. When a user likes a podcast, he or she goes to Twitter to share their thoughts. So why not listen to it on Twitter and read what other people have to say about it? There are many possibilities, but if we look at how Twitter upgraded in the past, it’s most likely just another function.

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