Twitter Circle limits tweets to close friends

Twitter Circle limits tweets to close friends.

The new Twitter feature called “Circle,”  is now available everywhere. It lets us pick who to share our tweets with, is now available everywhere.

One of the things Twitter users have been waiting for the most is now available to everyone. This is Twitter Circle, a feature that lets us choose who to share our tweets with. As of today, it is available both on the social network’s website and in its apps for iOS and Android.

The idea behind Twitter Circle is simple, but it’s a good one. Each user can use this tool to make a list of up to 150 accounts with which they want to share certain content. This way, you can limit who can see certain posts so that not everyone can see them, without having to turn on protected tweets.

The idea is also not new, since it is similar to what Instagram offers with its “best friends” feature, which lets you only show posts to people you know or trust.

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Some Twitter users have already been able to try out the Twitter Circle in the past few months. This is because the feature made its official debut on the social network in early May, but only a small number of accounts could use it at the time. Anyone can now take advantage of it.

What’s the point of the Twitter Circle?

Between these periods, Twitter will prompt you to list your Circle members. Use the social network’s search engine to identify and add people to follow. You may add or remove persons from the list without the platform telling them.. If you use the mobile apps, the left sidebar will give you a quick link.

When you’re ready to post, choose whether to post to everyone or just to people in your Twitter Circle. All of your tweets that can only be seen by the accounts you choose will have a green badge under them to make them easy to spot.

Another important point is that even if your account is not protected, responses to these posts will stay private. Also, members of a circle won’t be able to share or retweet a post that has been restricted.

The social network believes this new tool will make blogging about particular subjects easier. Social network hopes new tool will make blogging simpler. Some people would still want to converse about narrow details. But the good thing is, people can now avoid the trolls on the platform.

But the Twitter Circle also wants people to realize that they don’t need more than one account on the social network. So, there would be a good mix of personal and business tweets, and there would be no need to switch from one profile to another. We’ll see if it gets the job done.

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