TikTok refutes data leak rumors; all data is safe

TikTok data leak rumors

Information about more than 2 billion TikTok users has been leaked online, according to recent news stories. Today, the company has said that this story is not true and users’ data did not leak.

The information of billions of TikTok users has circulated online. The perpetrators announced the act on hacker forums. Today, TikTok refuted the supposed leak, saying they’ve uncovered no evidence.

TikTok told Bloomberg UK that the information the hackers are said to have given so far has nothing to do with the app’s database. They say that the source code on the different websites “has nothing to do with TikTok’s source code.”

Several analysts had already repeated the news before the company itself came out to explain what was going on. Experts in cybersecurity have already talked about a supposed breach in a TikTok server on their Twitter accounts. This seems to be a way for cybercriminals to get to the personal information of users. Even Microsoft Corp. said that the TikTok Android app had a “high severity vulnerability.”

TikTok data leak rumors

Everything indicates TikTok is correct

But it looks like it wasn’t. Troy Hunt, a security researcher, said that the database that the hackers were said to have released was not new. People even know that the building “could have been built without a leak.” He also says that the data isn’t conclusive and that some of it might have been mixed with useless information.

TikTok says that this information “has nothing to do” with the company. However, some experts tried to figure out where the leak came from. For example, Bleeping Computer follows in the steps of analyst Troy Hunt. In his report, they say that it could be someone else getting public information from the social network’s servers.

TikTok data leak rumors

TikTok, for its part, has said on Twitter that “the privacy and security of our users’ information” is the most important thing to it. On the other hand, they add that their security team is looking into the problem more, even though “there is no evidence of a security leak” so far.

The people who are thought to have done it say that 2.05 billion users’ information is stored in a 790 GB document on TikTok. The hackers say that this data would have been in the Alibaba cloud along with that of other companies like WeChat, which would have also been affected. Because of this, the first medium has tried to talk to the second and hear what they have to say, but there has been no response so far.

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