TikTok finally adds the Dislike button for all its users

TikTok Dislike button

TikTok has finally added the “Dislike” button that works all over. Now that you can try it, we’ll explain how it works and how it will protect your privacy.

TikTok has finally decided to roll out its “Dislike” button all over the world, after testing it for months. Some people have already used this feature, even though it was only a test. Today, Friday, the company posted on its most popular social networks to say that it is now available in all areas and to all users.

In April of last year, this button was put to the test. At the time, some users said that a new button had shown up in the comments section. Along with the traditional “Like” heart, TikTok also has a thumbs down button, just like YouTube. This makes it possible to figure out which messages were most helpful.

We already told you in April that the “I don’t like it” only made it to the comments section. You can’t vote for a video with this button because there’s already a function called “I’m not interested” for that. Instead, the new proposal lets people vote in the comments section to find content that doesn’t add anything or is bad for the TikTok community or causes problems.

TikTok’s new Dislike button

Can people see who didn’t like what they said? The answer is no. People who don’t like a comment won’t tell the person who made it, and neither other users nor the person who made the post will be able to see how many dislikes it has. As TikTok said in the last sentence, this function is to keep things more organised on the inside.

You can always take away a “Dislike” from a comment that you mistakenly upvoted. To do this, all you have to do is tap the thumbs down button again.

Even though the first test of this button happened earlier this year, TikTok has been working on it for a while. In fact, social media analyst Matt Navarra found it in the app’s code for the first time in March 2020. Today, he finally showed up and said that he would make the app’s community better.

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