This app gives you unlimited free music, Spotify wouldn’t want you to know

unlimited free music

Streaming music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube are the biggest ones we can find on the Internet. Because of them and how easy it is to get to all of the music out there, piracy is almost nonexistent. But once they became popular, they tried to make as much money as they could by raising prices. Those who are unhappy with the giants can still listen to their favorite music without giving up a kidney every month, because there are always other options. And eSound Music is one of the best ones.

After Spotify announced a huge price increase a few days ago, the number of legal ways to stream music has gone through the roof. And eSound Music is one of the most popular ones we can find on the Internet today.

eSound Music is a streaming music service that wants to be the main alternative to Spotify and paid services like Apple, Amazon, and Google. To do this, it tries to stand out from its competitors by doing something important, like giving away all of its music for free.

This music platform has a library of more than 150 million songs that can be played on a computer or on an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. The platform’s interface is the same as Spotify’s, so we won’t have any trouble using it if we’re already familiar with Spotify.


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eSound Music gives you unlimited free music

From its main interface, we can make all kinds of playlists that we can listen to anywhere, with or without an internet connection. We’ll also have access to playlists made by the community and be able to use music from all over the world based on trends and genres.

This program also lets us listen to music in the background, so we don’t have to have it open all the time like we do with YouTube, for example. It is also in charge of syncing the lists with all of our devices so that we always have our whole music library with us.

eSound is different from other platforms because it doesn’t store the songs on its servers. Instead, it loads them directly from YouTube, so we can listen to any song that is uploaded there with this program.

Everything sounds great, but what about the small print? We read in the fine print that we will have to listen to ads from time to time if we want to keep the free plan and keep getting access to the whole music library for free. Also, some features, like karaoke mode, are only available to eSound Premium users.

How much is eSound Premium worth?

If we don’t want to pay, eSound is much better than Spotify because it has fewer restrictions and less advertising. But if we are willing to pay, things change. And the reason is that since eMusic Premium costs 14.99 euros per month, Spotify is much cheaper, and by paying for Spotify, we can get rid of the annoying limits that come with it.

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