The upcoming versions of Windows would resemble macOS in terms of design

The next version of Windows

Microsoft already knows what it wants to do with the next version of Windows, even though it is still a long way off. A picture that got out shows a prototype user interface that has some features of macOS.

Microsoft might have given out a picture of the upcoming version of Windows by accident. During one of its talks at Ignite, the tech company showed a slide of the operating system with a different user interface. This led to rumors about what the change might be. Several Twitter users saw this detail and broke it down into its most obvious parts.

The picture shows a dock that looks like the one in Windows 11. The most obvious difference is that it is a floating bar with rounded edges and only has direct access to programs and the start button. Other icons, like the battery, connectivity, or clock, moved to the top, and a weather report appeared next to them.

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Even though the image isn’t very clear, people were able to see the changes. Later, Windows Central rebuilt the interface with more details and gave important information about these changes. Zac Bowden said at Ignite that the leaked prototype “is a good example” of what Microsoft wants to do with the next Windows.

Bowden said that the next version of Windows, which has the code name Next Valley, is in an early stage where different ideas for the user interface are being looked at. The journalist confirmed that this is not the first time he has seen a prototype of this design. He also said that there are other versions, like one with an upper bar that is see-through.

Upcoming version of Windows will have a new interface

It’s not a secret that the Windows 11 application dock looks a little bit like macOS. This is because Microsoft’s goal with this version of Windows is to make it easier to use. The fact that the new prototype is more like macOS Monterey than Windows 10 is interesting. Some users would stop paying for third-party apps that copy Apple’s interface if they had the floating dock and see-through top bar.

Even though they look similar, Microsoft and Apple have very different ideas for the next Windows UI. Internal sources say that the prototype shown at Ignite aims to make an interface that works best with touch screens, but doesn’t forget about people who use a keyboard and mouse. This is important because thousands of Surface users don’t like how Windows 11 works with touch screens.

Windows Central confirmed that this isn’t the only change. There are also plans for a new login screen, improvements to the notification center, and more. Whatever Microsoft does, the development team must learn from the newest version’s errors. Millions of people have called Windows 11 a throwback, forcing the Microsoft to patch faults quickly.

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