The newsletter platform Substack is now an RSS client


The new RSS client from Substack is meant to bring back some of the best parts of the now-defunct Google Reader.

Substack, which started out as a way to send out newsletters, is now also an RSS client. The company has announced a new alternative to the now-defunct Google Reader. Users will be able to read the most important articles and news from their favourite websites on a new website.

The new Substack website, in particular, combines two of the company’s most important services. On the one hand, users can get access to the newsletters they have signed up for through the platform itself.

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The new RSS reader, on the other hand. Those who want to can add more news sources by clicking the “Add RSS feed” button on the side. Also, these don’t have to be connected to Substack; you can also add RSS feeds from other websites.

Substack’s latest RSS client is for Google Reader fans

Even though Substack’s new RSS reader is a clear direct competitor to Feedly, since they both work in the same area, the goal of the San Francisco-based company is to attract users who are more familiar with the RSS client that Google ended up shutting down. And some of the features and functions of your new news reader are very similar to those of Google Reader.

For example, you can use keyboard commands to do different things. For example, you can press the letter E to archive a publication, the letter S to save it for later, or the letter L to “Like” a news item. There is also a side menu that lets you get to the different tabs and categories, a search engine, and an option to turn on a dark mode.

The new RSS client from Substack can also be used with the iOS app that the company offers. All content added on the web, even posts from other people, will automatically be sent to the app. As long as the user has the same account open, the answer is yes. The company that makes Substack is also making an Android app, which will be available soon.

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