The Intel Unison app syncs your PC with Android or iOS device

With the Intel Unison app, you can sync photos, documents, and text from your computer to your iOS or Android device.

For obvious reasons, one of Windows’ biggest flaws is that it doesn’t work well with Android or iOS. This is especially true when compared to the Apple ecosystem and the ability to keep data and files in sync between different devices. There are a number of tools that try to solve this problem, but each one has its own problems. Intel, on the other hand, has made an app that makes it possible to share more than just files between your PC and smartphone.

Intel’s proposal, which it calls “Unison,” focuses on the kinds of files and data that people most often share between their computer and mobile device. The photos and papers come first, of course. With Intel Unison, a library can always be in tune. For example, if you upload an image from your iPhone or Android, it will automatically show up in the PC app, and vice versa.

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The company says that in some cases, you will be able to respond to mobile notifications, like text messages or phone calls, from your computer. Of course, they haven’t said yet which third-party apps or services will work with their tool.

Also, Intel Unison will make it easier to keep all of your devices’ texts in sync. If you write a note on your phone and want to add it to a more complicated document in Microsoft Office, it will be quick and easy to do so.

Intel Unison, though iOS is limited in some ways

But because of how iOS works, Intel Unison won’t be able to give iPhone users some advanced features. For example, in Messages, you can choose to see all of your chats. But Intel promises that iOS users will be able to use the most important parts of their app.

Starting this year, some computers with Intel 12th generation (Alder Lake) processors will come with Unison already installed. Like those made by HP, Acer, and Lenovo. But the company says that in the future, it will make its tool work on more computers, including those with the new Raptor Lake processors. Right now, they haven’t told us if we can download it on our own.

The benefit for PC users is that they don’t have to choose their phone based on what kind of computer they have. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, this tool will work with any device you want to use.” Josh Newman, vice president of mobile innovation at Intel, told The Verge, “When you’re working on your laptop and you get notifications or text messages on your phone, you can put it in your pocket and keep working.”

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