The fact that TikTok can hook its users for hours is scary for the other social networks

TikTok can hook its users for hours

TikTok has a lot more users than any other Meta network, also they spend a lot more time on TikTok than they do on any other Meta network.

The TikTok Effect

Meta was the queen of social networks for a long time, but her power has been in question for a long time. Since TikTok has been so popular for a while, the company has been adding new features all the time to make it look as much like it as possible. And it seems like it’s all for nothing, since Byte Dance’s social network doesn’t seem to have any competitors.

At least, this is what the data about how long people spend on social networks shows. And while Instagram and Facebook used to be the most popular, TikTok has been the winner for a long time. And by a large amount. very wide

Bloomberg has looked at the social network market using data from users in the United States, which is one of the most representative markets. They took into account certain indicators. And the most important thing about each is how long you spend there. TikTok is the social network that gets people to spend the most time on them.

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From the data, we can see that US users spend an average of 29 hours per month on TikTok. Some data that leaves the viewing time and permanence of the combined Meta networks in nothing, which have to settle for 16 hours for Facebook and only 8 hours for Instagram.

TikTok is the only app that can hook its users for hours

TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2021, and it now has more than a billion users around the world. This data seems to tell us a lot about how people use apps. And if they show anything, it’s that their plan of giving users an endless supply of short clips based on what they like and controlled by an algorithm works. And it works very well.

It looks like Meta has already lost its power. And because of how popular TikTok is, it makes sense that Zuckerberg’s company wants to put the same features on all of its other social networks that are on the one that has the crown right now.

Even with a billion users, TikTok is still a long way behind Facebook, which has 2.9 billion users, and Instagram, which has more than 2 billion users. On the other hand, there aren’t enough numbers if we think that the most important metric is how long users spend looking at the content. And most important, watching commercials.

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