The best apps for Android to spot spam or fake calls

Best Android apps to spot spam or fake calls

We’ll give you a list of apps to look out for on your Android, so you can spot spam or fake calls. So you don’t have to pick up and, instead, be able to block them.

Even though WhatsApp messages and audios are popular, there are still people who talk to each other over the phone. Besides calling your insurance company, your electricity, gas, and water provider, or your parents, there are other things you can do. But overall, we make and get less and less phone calls. So, it’s important to know who made those calls.

On the one hand, caller ID lets us know who is calling us before they do. So, if you’re not in the mood or have something more important to do, you won’t answer the call. Especially if the number on the screen looks like a business call . Or, what’s even worse, a fake or scam call.

Millions of people search for business numbers and/or annoying, dangerous, or not-recommended phone numbers on the Internet and/or report them. What we call spam in English. But if you don’t want to do that search, you can use apps that do it for you and tell you if the number is good or if you should be careful with it. Let’s see some examples for Android.

Truecaller to find out who is calling

Truecaller app to spot spam calls
Spot fake and spam calls by Truecaller

Truecaller is the most-used app of this type. It’s used to match calls to their records in its own database. It not only lets you know who is calling, but it also lets you find operator numbers, automatic exchanges, and fake calls. Say goodbye to bothersome things and tricks.

So, with this app, you can see ahead of time what the call is about and decide if you want to answer it or if you’d rather just let it ring. Also, if it is a fake call, you can block it so that you don’t get any more calls from that number. It is also used to send spam, phishing, and other types of scam SMS messages.

The Truecaller app also has some other interesting features, such as the ability to organize your messages and delete unwanted or spam messages, to use a color code to tell the difference between calls you want and calls you don’t want, to have an integrated chat service, and so on.

Mr. Number lets you figure out spam or fake calls

Mr. Number
Identify fake calls on Mr. Number

This app Mr. Number is another useful way to find out who is calling. Its job is to tell you if the number calling is from a known company, a person on your list, or a stranger. And to avoid spam or phishing calls without having to pick up the phone.

You can stop getting annoying, fake, or unwanted calls by setting up alerts or blocking certain numbers. Or, just know where they are calling from before you answer the phone without having to use Google. For example, be wary of calls from abroad if you don’t know anyone who lives there or is on vacation there.

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Showcaller can be used to identify calls


This Android app, which is called Showcaller in English and Caller ID in Spanish on Google Play, will help you identify calls and tell the difference between calls from people you know or don’t know and calls that you don’t want or could be dangerous. Whether or not you have them on your list of contacts.

The information in its database comes from more than 15 million users. You yourself can collaborate by adding new numbers. Specifically, there are more than 200 million indexed telephone numbers . So, if you get a call from one of those numbers, you’ll know if it’s a courtesy call, a business call, spam, or an attempt at fraud or deception.

Call Blocker app

Call Blocker app to spot spam or fake calls
Spot fake calls using Call Blocker

Call Blocker app lets you find, report, and/or block SMS messages from numbers you don’t want to talk to. It also makes it easy to look up a specific number so that you don’t have to leave the app to go to its page. For the rest, it has blocking of international calls , of numbers that do not appear in your contact list and, finally, hidden or unknown numbers. So you can choose which calls you want to take and which you don’t.

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