Tap to Pay from Apple is now supported by Square

Tap to Pay is expanding

Tap to Pay from Apple is already working with Square. At the moment, only businesses in the United States can use it. According to MacRumors, Square has finally added support for Apple’s Tap to Pay. This comes after a few months in an early access program where only a small number of businesses could use it.

This tool, which was just shown off by people from Cupertino in February of this year, will make it possible to turn the iPhone into a place where contactless payments can be made. In the near future, the company run by Jack Dorsey hopes to make it work all over the world.

Square says that any iPhone starting with the XS can be used as a Tap to Pay terminal. All collectors have to do is open the service’s app, hold it close to the shopper’s device, and wait for the shopper to approve the transaction. The screen will show the amount to be paid, the name of the business, an icon of the product category, and a set of instructions on how to authorize the payment.

Tap to Pay takes payments from any smartphone with a digital wallet, the Apple Watch, and credit or debit cards that support contactless payments.

Tap to Pay is expanding

“As more and more people use their phones to pay with digital wallets and credit cards, Tap to Pay on iPhone will give businesses a secure, private, and easy way to accept contactless payments and unlock new payment experiences using the power, security, and convenience of the iPhone.”

Apple says

When it comes to security, Apple makes a point of saying that their system is 100% safe. “The same technology that makes Apple Pay private and safe also keeps customer payment information safe. All transactions made with Tap to Pay on an iPhone are encrypted and processed with the Secure Element. Just like with Apple Pay, Apple does not know what is bought or who buys it “

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Tap to Pay isn’t just coming to Square. Other payment systems are doing the same. Adyen and Stripe both do the same thing, but Stripe is a set of tools for developers. Chase and GoDaddy will also agree with what Apple wants to do. Most, though, will start putting this kind of help in place on US soil.

Apple has also put its system into some of its stores in the North American country.

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