Supercell cancels two games, Clash Quest and Everdale

Supercell cancels Clash Quest and Everdale

Supercell stated that Everdale and Clash Quest are no longer developing, ending their adventure. Both games had not yet been released to the public. Instead, Supercell kept them as “controlled releases” while their code was being fixed.

Supercell is a good example of a video game company whose games are both popular with critics and popular with players. The company has already made a name for itself with games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. It also has some real gems in its portfolio, like Hay Day and Clash of Clans. Now, the company is putting its future in a few new games. Not all of them will reach the end of their growth, which is sad.

Supercell cancels Everdale joins and Clash Quest

The Chinese company Tencent owns the Nordic development company, which was working on four games that it planned to release worldwide by the dropper. The goal was for Clash Quest, Clash Mini, and Clash Heroes to be the last three games in the Clash series. Supercell also made Everdale, a place where there are no giants, witches, or baby dragons, to make the game much more relaxing.

Two of the four games that Supercell was working on have already been dropped. The company announced on October 3, that it will stop making Everdale. This game is in addition to Clash Quest, which was stopped in the middle of August.

Everyone who plays Everdale and Clash Quest will lose their games and their progress. Supercell lets players move purchases made in one game to another game from the same company, as long as both games are available worldwide. The Everdale servers will stop working for good on October 31, 2002. The Clash Quest servers stopped working on September 28.

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Supercell hasn’t said why both of the games were taken off the market. It’s strange, because we were able to test both Clash Quest and Everdale, and both of them worked perfectly. Since the two teams don’t have a game between them right now, it’s likely that they will be added to the rest of the developments, maybe Clash Mini and Clash Heroes. The company hasn’t commented on these two titles, which are currently in development. Let’s hope it will work out.

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