Steps to transfer Android WhatsApp Chat to iPhone

Steps to transfer Android WhatsApp Chat to iPhone

When switching from Android to iPhone, we initially consider about moving our data. This includes transferring Android WhatsApp Chat to iPhone. Something that we can do very easily. 

Steps to move Android WhatsApp Chat to iPhone

Before we start, let’s make sure we’re running Android Lollipop or later, or at least Android 5. We need at least iOS 15.5 on the iPhone. Also, make sure to update the WhatsApp app on your iPhone to at least version and on your Android to at least version

Once this is done, remember that both devices must be powered on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network during the process. Our iPhone must also be brand new or reset to factory settings, which we can do by going to Settings > General > Transfer or reset iPhone > Erase content and settings.

Well, if we’re going to use the same phone number on our new iPhone as we did on Android, we can start the process.

Download Move to iOS  app from Android’s Google Play Store. Install  and open it.
After doing the setup steps, enter the code that iPhone reveals on the Android to confirm the link.
Hit Continue.
 Next, choose WhatsApp on the screen that says “Transfer data.”
 Tap Start on Android. After WhatsApp and the other apps export the data, the Android session closes.
Tap Next on Android, next Continue to begin.
Once that’s done, we can go to the App Store on our iPhone and download WhatsApp.
We open the WhatsApp app and use the same phone number we used before to sign in.
Tap Start to begin the import.

Clever. As easy as occasionally clearing the WhatsApp cache, right? By following these steps, all of our messages and chats will be moved to our new iPhone. From now on, their safety will be taken care of by the back-up system. Let’s remember, finally, to delete the content of the Android phone to make sure that the WhatsApp information is not saved.

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