Steam reaches 30 million concurrent users for the first time


On Sunday, the number of users on Steam at the same time was broken again. So, the platform proves that it is still the best way to get PC games to people.

Steam is going to be around until 2022, which makes it the best platform for getting PC games. Also, the numbers back that up. It broke its concurrent record again on Sunday, which means that more than 30 million people were using the service at the same time. This was the first time in its history that it went over 30 million.

The Steam database shows that the peak number of people playing at the same time was 30,032,005. But it is important to point out that not everyone who was connected at the same time was playing. At the time that the new limit was set, just over 8.5 million of the online customers were running a title from the catalog.

Even though it’s not clear what the slightly more than 21.5 million people who were left did, there are several possibilities. You can look around the platform, post reviews, join communities, and even buy new games, among many other things. The truth is that Steam is having a great time right now, and everyone knows it.

Also, the service now has more than 30 million users for the first time. This is a milestone that Valve no doubt wanted to reach. The company was close to getting there for months, but always fell short by a few hundred thousand players.

Valve is already planning the next Steam Deck

Steam beats its pandemic record

The previous record for how many people were connected to Steam at the same time was set on March 31 of last year. On that day, the most people ever to attend was 29,986,681. But what’s really interesting is that more active players were signed up at that time (8.9 million) than at yesterday’s all-time high.

The Steam case is without a doubt very well-known. Even though it was very popular before COVID-19, the number of people who went and played went through the roof. Valve’s platform got even more users than it already did because of the long months of confinement and the rise in sales of computers for virtual classes and teleworking.

But what’s really amazing is that he’s been able to keep up with and even beat previous record. In November 2019, for example, 17.1 million people went to the event at its peak. Even though the WHO announced the pandemic on March 11, 2020, this number hasn’t dropped much below 20 million.

But that’s not everything. Since October 2021, Steam has had over 25 million simultaneous users. This is significant given that computer sales have plummeted this year, hurting the industry.

At the moment, the Steam Deck is now available in more places around the world. Gabe Newell’s team is already working on the next generation of their portable console.

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