Spotify Group Session is a great feature for parties and road trips

Spotify Group Session

Spotify Group Session is perfect for jamming out with friends or coworkers.

How about letting your friends take turns controlling Spotify while you’re at a party, at home with your family, or in the car? Or even listen to the same thing at the same time from their own devices and homes. All of this is possible because this streaming service has a feature called “group session” that many people don’t know about but that can be very helpful in many situations.

To use the group session, all you need is a Spotify Premium account and the Spotify app installed on your device. This is true for everyone in the breakout session. That is to say, everyone needs a Premium account in order to use this feature.

Spotify group sessions let you control playback, skip or rewind songs, and add songs to the list of songs to play. So, if you’re at a party, for example, you don’t have to ask the host to choose what to play.

How does the Spotify Group Session work?

Working in groups is not hard at all. We open Spotify on one of the devices that can work with it. When we press play, a song, album, playlist, or podcast starts playing. You’re looking for. Then tap the image of a speaker and a screen. Then tap Start session, and then tap Start a group session.

Now, all you have to do is click “Invite friends” and send invitations to the people on your list. They can be with you or at their own homes. You can invite people through social networks or by sending them a message. When they get the invitation, all they have to do is click on the link that comes with it and say yes.

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If all the participants are in the same area, one person may connect their phone to an external speaker (through Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, or AirPlay) or car stereo. Once the group session is started, everyone can control what plays through those devices. When you join the session, the music will start playing on all of the personal devices that are in the session. You can easily fix this by lowering volume so that only the main speaker can be heard.

If the participants are in different places, this feature will let them all listen to the same thing at the same time. Each one will also be able to choose where the sound comes from: the phone, a connected speaker, headphones, etc.

How to quit Spotify Group Session

No one likes it when the party is over. But there comes a time when the guests leave, one by one. Tap Leave Session to leave the Spotify group session you were asked to join. You won’t be able to hear the music on your device anymore and/or you won’t be able to control the main playback.

And if you started the Spotify group session, your app will show you the message “End Session.” This way, the invited users won’t be able to hear your music anymore, and you’ll be the only one who can change what’s playing on your device.

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