Sony unveils DualSense Edge, a “Pro” version of the PS5 controller

Sony DualSense Edge

The rumors was true. Sony announced the DualSense Edge, a new controller for the PS5 that is designed for professional gamers.

PlayStation players have asked Sony for a competitive controller for a long time. Japan utilized Gamescom 2022 to reveal the DualSense Edge, a professional version of the PS5 controller with added functionality and customization options.

First, you can set up the DualSense Edge’s buttons however you want. In fact, you can choose to turn them off if you want to. On the other hand, you will be able to change how sensitive the sticks are. This is a feature that shooter fans will find useful. Setting your aim speed can be a big part of what makes you stand out in a match.

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With so many ways to change things, you need a way to save your settings. The DualSense Edge lets you save different settings and quickly switch between them based on the game. “With the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller, you can always start a game using your favorite controls. Whether you’re fighting Norse gods and monsters in God of War Ragnarok or other players in a battle royale game online, you’ll need to be a good fighter.”

What’s new in Sony DualSense Edge

The DualSense Edge’s new Fn button lets you switch between saved profiles, adjust game and conversation volume, and create a new profile. Everything is a button away so gamers may access several functions without becoming sidetracked.

You can alter the L2 and R2 trigger travel and “dead zones” via switches on the rear. In action games, shortening the shot’s path makes it travel quicker.

In general, controls for competitive players have extra buttons that make it easier to do certain things. The DualSense Edge is no different, as it has two buttons on the back. These can be set up however the player wants. They can replace existing buttons or be used to make new ones.

The DualSense Edge comes with up to three interchangeable sticks (standard, high dome, and low dome) and two sets for the rear inputs (half dome and lever). Now, one of the most interesting things about the DualSense Edge compared to other options on the market is that you can replace the stick’s whole module (with everything and its internal components). What’s the point? Sony doesn’t say it, but it must have something to do with the stormy drift. When this problem happens, you only need to change the module instead of the whole controller. These will, of course, be sold on their own.

Now, don’t expect anything new about how it works. If you don’t count the extra buttons, it has almost the same shape as the regular DualSense. In this way, the PS5 controller was already great, so there was no need to change itOn other controllers, the back buttons don’t accommodate all hand sizes.

“The DualSense Edge keeps the comfort and immersion of the DualSense wireless controller when playing compatible games. It has the same haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, motion controls, and more.”


We still don’t know when the DualSense Edge will come out or how much it will cost.

Sony DualSense Edge

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