Sony revamps PS5’s interior

Sony revamps PS5's interior

Sony has completely changed the PS5’s interior, which surprised many people. This makes it lighter and also changes how much power it needs.

Sony just came out with a new model of the PS5 that, to everyone’s surprise, has a completely new interior. This may not be important to most people, but it is a big change. Not only does it make the console lightweight, but it also changes how much power it uses.

Austin Evans, a YouTuber, was able to see the new model, which is only easily accessible in Australia for now, and he found some very interesting news. From modifications to the motherboard and heatsink to a small change to the bay to make room for an M.2 SSD, there were a lot of changes.

The new PS5 model that the expert looked at is the CFI-1202B. This is the Digital Edition, which doesn’t have a disc reader unit. This has been compared directly to the CFI-1000 version from the original 2020 release and the CFI-1100 version, which was the first update to the device and already measured about 300 grams lesser than the CFI-1000.

Sony revamps PS5’s interior

The second update to the console keeps going in the same direction and makes it even lighter. It only weighs 3.30 kilograms, which is less than the IFC-1100’s 3.54 kilograms and the IFC-1000’s 3.81 kilograms. This means that the PS5, at least in its Digital Edition, is almost 500 grams lighter than the model Sony released at the end of 2020.

During the tests, however, the amount of energy used has also drawn attention. It’s because the new model takes up to almost 30 watts less power when gaming than last year’s IFC-1100 and about 17 watts less power than the first PS5. But it hasn’t been said how Sony could have done this optimization yet.

Internal modifications of PS5

The new PS5’s most noticeable changes are internal. The IFC-1202B motherboard is two inches smaller than earlier models. The cooling system has changed the most.

2021’s CFI-1100 variant has a much smaller heat sink than the original. This new equipment upgrade delivers a smaller one with exposed copper tubing.

This is key to weight loss. The new PS5’s motherboard and cooling system weigh 1.11 kg, compared to 1.36 kg for the 2021 and 2020 models.

Sony also moved the CMOS battery. Before, it was above the heat sink; now it’s below. To replace it, the heat sink must be removed.

The Japanese also added an M.2 SSD to the space. Before, the SSD sat on a PCB; now it’s on a metal plate. This is due to a smaller motherboard, however it’s unclear if it’s for cost or heat dissipation.

For present, only Australia has the updated PS5. In the next months, it may enter additional international markets. Since we’re talking about Sony, but let us not forget that its prices have recently risen almost everywhere except the U.S.

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