Sony buys Savage Game Studios to go beyond the PlayStation

Sony buys a mobile game studio

Savage Game Studios, based in Helsinki and Berlin, creates mobile games and is currently part of PlayStation Studios.

Sony’s plan to grow isn’t just limited to the PS4 and PS5. It now includes mobile gaming. In the last few hours, the Japanese company announced that it had bought Savage Game Studios, a studio with offices in Helsinki and Berlin. Savage Game Studios will now be part of PlayStation Studios.

There aren’t many details about the agreement. Hermen Hulst, CEO of PlayStation Studios, stated the firm will join the company’s mobile games business. PlayStation Studios Mobile Division will be independent from console games.

Savage Game Studios is not a well-known name in the business. The company was started in 2020, and they are making an action game using the “game as a service” method. No one has said yet if he will keep working on that project or if he will have to rearrange his priorities to follow Sony’s orders.

Even though the firm is young, PlayStation Studios took over its portfolio. “We share his passion to come up with fresh concepts and broaden our audience,” Hulst stated.

The co-founder and CEO of Savage Game Studios, Michail Katkoff, also talked about Sony buying the company. He said that everyone in the company has worked in large studios for a long time and that they wanted to stay “small and agile” so they could make their own decisions. But the point of view changed when the Japanese made the offer.

“We struck this contract because we think PlayStation Studios’ leaders understand our ideas about how to be successful and aren’t scared to take chances. All that, plus we may be able to exploit PlayStation’s intellectual property and receive their aid, “Adding,

PlayStation wants to make games for phones and tablets

It’s not a secret that Sony wants to make more money from video games than just consoles. In recent years, there has been more and more pressure to bring the PlayStation brand to other platforms. Games like Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn that were only on consoles have already come to PC. And don’t forget that it bought Nixxes Software, a company that makes ports for computers, in the middle of 2021 and added it to PlayStation Studios.

Savage Game Studios might help PlayStation enter the mobile game industry. Mobile has become tremendously successful in recent years, attracting huge firms’ attention.

The most well-known case is that of Zynga, which was bought by Take-Two Entertainment this year for more than $12 billion. Even so, we can’t forget that Candy Crush was made by King. In 2016, King sold Candy Crush to Activision Blizzard for almost $6 billion, and the company may now be taken over by Microsoft. As long as the purchase of its parent company for $68.7 billion is finished, of course.

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Sony won’t divert resources from PS5 games to mobile gaming. The Asians have said its growth aspirations won’t compromise their concentration on consoles.

“As we told you before, our plans to bring some titles to PC don’t change how much we care about the PlayStation community or how much we want to keep making great single-player narrative experiences. Herman Hulst made this claim.

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