Signal no longer uses SMS; instead sends Signal messages


There was a time when all messaging apps, like Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, wanted to be in charge of your SMS. The craze is over, and Signal is the most recent app to stop using this messaging protocol. In the coming months, the app will no longer be able to send SMS messages.

If Signal was your default messaging app on Android, it’s time to find something else, because soon Signal will only be able to send Signal messages. There are good reasons for that, too.

Safe chat only, nothing else

It’s not very common for messaging apps, especially ones with a small number of users, to support SMS as a backup way to communicate with everyone. Signal has had SMS support since before it was called Signal. And it has always worked with the app’s secure messaging. So, even if someone doesn’t use the app they can still join a chat.

The problem is that SMS messaging is not secure, while Signal is an app whose main purpose is security. The program distinguishes between the app and SMS communications, but having both is perplexing. This is another reason Signal gave in its blog post about the decision to end SMS. SMS texts are sometimes mistaken for free Signal communications, only to be charged on the phone bill.

Signal no longer uses SMS; instead sends Signal messages

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SMS isn’t as popular as it used to be as a means for users to communicate, hence the app no longer supports it. Signal for Android will get rid of SMS in the coming months, since iOS doesn’t have this feature. In the meantime, you may export your SMS and urge your contacts to switch to Signal or another app.

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