Shazam’s Chrome extension identifies music on PC

Shazam chrome extension available

The new Shazam plugin for Chrome syncs with Apple Music to keep your shazammed tracks.

Shazam, Apple’s service for identifying songs, is now available in Chrome through an extension. The new tool makes it easy for people who use Google’s browser to recognise music. All of this can be done without using the app on your phone, and it will also work with your Apple Music account.

Unlike the Shazam app for iPhone or Android, which also lets you play the songs it recognises or get more information about them, the Chrome extension only lets you identify the music playing in that tab. For example, in a video on YouTube or in a TV show or movie that is playing. But it looks like you can get more information about the song by clicking on its title, which takes you to a new tab. But the Shazam page where all the information should be isn’t ready yet.

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Chrome users can also look back at the songs they have “shazamed” and sync their Apple Music account to play the full song or add it to their library. A Spotify account, which is available in the app, doesn’t seem to be able to be synced.

How to add the Shazam extension to Chrome

To get the new Shazam extension for Chrome, go to the “Chrome Web Store,” which is the browser’s add-on store, and type “Shazam” in the search box. Don’t worry if it still doesn’t show up. The extension was just turned on, and it doesn’t seem to be available for some users yet. In any case, you can go straight to the page for the extension here. When you get to the Shazam page, click “Add to Chrome” and confirm the action. The plugin will show up at the top of the search bar in a few seconds.

If you want to sync your account with Apple Music to save the songs you know, follow this:

Click the “Connect with Apple Music” button. If you don’t have an Apple Music subscription, you can write down the name of the song and look for it on another music platform. Next, click on the icon in the upper right corner and then on the logo-shaped button. The service will recognize the song in a few seconds and show the title, artist, and cover art.

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