Share Xbox Family Game Pass with friends at an incredible price

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is going to test Xbox Family Game Pass in Colombia and Ireland, where you can share a subscription for a very low price.

It was a rumor that kept coming up after the strange E3 2022, but it seems to be true now. At least as official as Microsoft’s family Xbox Game Pass that can be used by more than one person.

This new subscription option is called “Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family”. And it lets you share the Game Pass with friends or family for a higher price than an individual subscription. In fact, the price increase isn’t that big when you consider that up to four people can share it.

The only rule is that everyone who shares a pass must live in the same country. This makes it a good option for friends to share. How much? Even though the service isn’t official yet and may change, it can be tried out for €21.99 in Ireland and COP 49,900 in Colombia.

Xbox Family Game Pass costs less than €5 a month

If the pricing stays the same, Xbox Game Pass will cost less than €5 per month per person. It will include all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate features.

Microsoft hasn’t announced prices for the rest of Europe, the UK, or the US yet. Given the current adjustment and worldwide inflation drift, it may cost $25 per month in the US.

At the moment, people in the countries that are testing the service can change their individual subscription to a family subscription, though this changes the number of days they can use their subscription. When you switch to the plan, you have to change the time left on your old plan:

  • 30 days Xbox Game Pass Ultimate turns into an 18-day pass.
  • 30 days Xbox Game Pass (Console) Turns into a 12-day.
  • 30 days PC Game Pass gets an extra week.
  • 30 days Xbox Live Gold turns into a 12-day
  • 30 days EA Play turns into 6 days

The good news is that all of the features of the Ultimate version are built right into the family Xbox Game Pass. That means that games for Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Live, and even PC Game Pass are included.

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