Samsung was hacked, users’ data is in danger

Samsung hacked

Samsung has confirmed that it was hacked over the summer. Also that the personal information about some of its customers was taken.

In an official statement, Samsung said that someone broke into the company’s servers at the end of July and stole the information of an unknown number of customers.

Information requested from each customer is unique. Samsung makes sure that there have been no changes to information about Social Security or bank cards. But hackers have been able to get names, contact information, demographic information, dates of birth, and information about how people registered products.

Samsung used some of the systems they have in the United States to get this information. After an internal investigation, they concluded in early August that an unknown amount of clients’ information is going through breach. In theory, the problem should only affect people who have accounts in the United States.

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Samsung says it will get in touch with the users affected by this security incident. If Samsung hasn’t sent you an email or other message, you don’t need to worry.

But as a general rule, it’s always a good idea to check recent account activity for possible unauthorized logins, use strong passwords, and even turn on two-step verification systems.

How does Samsung deal with it?

“We are committing to making sure that our customers’ security and privacy are safe. We’ve hired some of the best experts in cybersecurity and are working with the authorities “In a statement, the company said. “We will keep working hard to come up with and implement immediate and long-term changes that will make all of our systems safer.” The company also educated the users on the matter.

A hack happened to Samsung earlier this year, too. At that time, it was a group- Lapsus$ who breached the security. This group also stole information from other tech companies, like Nvidia. The damage was nearly 200 GB of secret firm material, including source code. Samsung claims customer information remained protected.

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