Samsung unveils One UI 5 with Android 13

Samsung One UI 5

Android 13 is now out, and as usual, many manufacturers are using this new version to update their own customization layers. One of them is, of course, Samsung. The company has officially announced its new interface, One UI 5. This new interface has improvements in different parts of the system, like the lock screen, as well as important privacy and security features.

The new lock screen is without a doubt one of the most noticeable changes in One UI 5. This has more ways to customize it. You can change the style of the clock, add new backgrounds, and even change the colors of some of the things shown in this section. Strangely, these changes are a lot like the ones Apple makes to iOS 16. Even the customization panel is similar to the one on the new iPhone update.

The new modes and routines are another change in One UI 5. Samsung’s “action sequences” let users activate or change system functionality based on their activities. For example, you can make a “sport mode” that turns off all work app alerts, or you can set up a “night routine” that sets the alarm, turns off alerts, and turns on the “dark mode” automatically.

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One UI 5 comes out with new features

Samsung has also added some privacy and security features that are interesting. With One UI 5, the system will be able to tell us if an image we want to share contains personal information. For example, a phone number, an address, etc. There is also a new privacy and security center that makes it easier for the user to change some settings.

One UI 5 also has some new features that are small but interesting. Here are their names.

  • To make the most of the space on the home screen, widgets are stacked.
  • Notifications have been changed so that they show more information and have new buttons to do things.
  • Bixby Text Call1 is part of one UI, which lets you answer calls by text. In this case, Bixby can turn the text into audio and read it to the person who is receiving the call.

When will Samsung phones get Android 13?

Some phones have One UI 5 with Android 13 in beta. Among them are the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 +, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. More models should get the update in the coming weeks, and official updates could be out by the beginning of 2023.

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