Samsung to build smart home ecosystem by reduce energy costs

Samsung smart home ecosystem

Samsung’s big connected home ecosystem is the main thing that will be new at IFA 2022. However, with this feature Samsung aspires to build the perfect smart home ecosystem by reducing energy costs.

Samsung used IFA 2022 to make changes to its smart home ecosystem. SmartThings has been in the company’s catalog for a while, and now the company has said that all of its most important products will be added to the ecosystem.

This includes things like TVs, mobile phones, and wearables. A few months after the international release of Matter, which will be the new standard for connected homes, comes this announcement.

The company’s plan to put all of its products under SmartThings is a response to creating a multi-device experience that lets users get the most out of the brand. It has also made a point of saying that its products will work with those from other companies, but we don’t know if it will fully integrate Matter.

Samsung’s latest gadgets show real-time energy use

At this point, the company has also announced an important step toward being more efficient and protecting the environment. Samsung is making appliances that are both connected through SmartThings and use less energy. This means that, unlike other connected home ecosystems, SmartThings Energy will be able to track usage patterns and give real-time information about energy use. This will make it easier to cut energy costs.

Given how unstable electricity prices are, this is a very important step. It is also a simple way to know for sure how much of many different products are being used in the same ecosystem.

The plan is to gradually add devices to SmartThings Energy, but Samsung has set a pretty high bar for itself. By 2023, all Samsung products that can connect to Wi-Fi will be able to use the SmartThings Energy service. All of these will let us know in real time how much energy is being used.

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As of right now, about 40 Samsung appliances work with SmartThings Energy. Things like washers, dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners are included. Also air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, ovens, hoods, cooktops, microwaves, TVs (only those made after June 2022), and energy meters.

Everything will work with SmartThings Home Life, which has a lot of different names but is the same ecosystem. This will bring all SmartThings services together in one place. This includes the SmartThings Cooking, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Air Care, and Energy features that are already available. All accessible from mobile. It also includes Galaxy devices, like the most recent Galaxy Watch5 series.

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