Samsung takes ads out of Samsung Pay and its other apps

Samsung takes ads out of Samsung Pay and its other apps

Some of the company’s most popular apps and services, like Samsung Pay, have ads in them. In updates to come, they will get rid of the ads.

Samsung Pay, which is its mobile payment system, will no longer show ads. The company will also get rid of ads for its own products or services in native apps like the weather app, Samsung Members, and its app store. This is a relief for Samsung mobile or tablet owners who have voiced their concern.

South Korean media say that TM Roh, head of Samsung Mobile’s mobile communications business, confirmed this at an employee meeting. One of the workers at the conference asked about the ads in the native apps that are part of Galaxy mobiles’ One UI, which is the layer that lets you customise the phone. In response, TM Roh confirmed that future versions of its apps and services, like Samsung Pay, will not have any ads.

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In Samsung Pay, the company shows ads for its own products and those of third-party stores that accept payments through the platform. When users go into the app to make a payment or check their transactions, they may see ads. Samsung Pay is a free service for people to use. For each transaction, however, the company charges a fee to the bank. Putting advertisements on this platform is another way to make money.

Not just Samsung Pay, One UI Samsung Galaxy ZFlip has ads

Samsung also puts ads in apps such as Samsung Music, Galaxy Store, and so on. Most of the time, this content is about Samsung devices or ads for its products, services, or apps. But they take up a lot of space on the screen and make it hard to use the interface and the different apps made by the company.

In addition to Samsung Pay and the company’s apps, Galaxy phones also show ads in the notification area, but it’s not clear if Samsung will also get rid of those ads.

The South Korean company is not the only one whose software has ads. For example, Xiaomi puts ads in many of its apps and parts of MIUI, which is its customization layer. Xiaomi hasn’t said for sure yet if it will take down the ads, but Samsung’s decision could be a lesson for the Chinese company and other companies.

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