Samsung steals one of the most important feature of iOS 16

Samsung steals important feature of iOS 16

One of iOS 16’s best new features is being shamelessly copied by Samsung. The third beta of One UI 5, which just released its customization layer that will work with Android 13. The South Korean business is adopting Apple’s lock screen design. The latest beta of One UI 5 has a lock screen customization mode that is the same as the one Apple has in iOS 16.

In a tweet from the account @TheAppleDesign, it was shown that One UI 5’s feature for customizing the lock screen lets you change how the clock looks. Also, to add some kind of informational widget or shortcut to each system app. In fact, they are two choices that are also available in iOS 16.

One UI 5 beta copies lock screen customization mode

Samsung has a very similar interface. At the bottom of the screen, you can choose the font and main colours for the different parts of the screen. Also has a menu of apps that can be used with widgets on the lock screen.

Samsung, on the other hand, has added some extra features, like the ability to change the size of the clock right from the screen. Still, it is very clear where iOS 16 got its ideas from. Yes, we should remember that it is a beta version. Because of this, the next versions may change how the interface looks. It’s unclear if Samsung also duplicated iOS’s ability to design and pick multiple lock screens.

One UI 5 beta copies iOS 16 lock screen

The iOS 16 lock screen

One of the best things about iOS 16 is that it lets you change the iPhone’s lock screen. Let’s not forget that this version is already available for iPhone 8 and later. Apple, in particular, lets you choose from different clock styles, change the colours of the text, and add widgets that can give you useful information. One of them is to know how much power is in the terminal itself or in the iPhone’s accessories. The company also lets third-party apps make lock screen widgets and run them.

You may make a different wallpaper for each concentration level on iOS 16’s new lock screen. So, when the user switches on “Do not disturb,” the system will immediately utilise the backdrop that was already set up.

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