Review of the Sonos Sub Mini: Low bass for less money

Sonos Sub Mini

The company’s subwoofer has long been regarded one of the best, so the Sub Mini, a smaller and more affordable version, was greatly anticipated. Considering the Sub costs 850 dollars/euros the Sonos Sub Mini can improve sound in a room with Sonos speakers, but it’s expensive. Sonos owners may receive a better sound experience for less money, which is appealing. Sub Mini seems to fill this demand.

The Sonos Sub Mini is a smaller, cheaper subwoofer for Sonos speaker systems, great for movies, TV, and music. It’s great quality and increases sound, although some may find the price exorbitant. TruPlay only works on iOS, not Android.

Sonos Sub Mini specifications

After a week of using the Sub Mini in two distinct locations, one to watch series and movies and the other to listen to music, my thoughts are great, but the physical space —and the speakers with accompanying ones—are crucial to having a decent sound experience.

Sonos Sub Mini is tiny. It’s 30cm tall and 23cm wide. Black or white, it weighs 6.3 kg. I tried the black unit since I suppose it’s the most popular because it’s unseen. The white unit is lovely, but I expect it to stand out. Small subwoofers can’t fill a room with bass. Comparatively, yes. However, we’re dealing with physics. A loudspeaker can’t sound well if it can’t produce enough sound to be heard.

The Mini has two dynamic speakers with a central tunnel, like the Sonos Sub. The design is intentional to reduce ground vibrations. There’s a considerable difference between hearing deep noises when the gadget vibrates and when it doesn’t.


Less vibration means less distortion, which makes it easier to hear and make low-level sounds, which means the sound quality is better. In this section, the Mini acts just like its bigger brother because of how it is built and how small it is.

But, I’ll say it again: the Sonos Sub Mini is not a portable subwoofer that you can easily move from one place to another. And you don’t want that if you want good sound quality.

Room (and speaker) size matters

Sonos’ Sub Mini isn’t for everyone. Use a Sonos Beam or Ray soundbar. If you want to listen to music with it, they recommend the Sonos One. We’ve tested the Sub mini in two distinct use situations. First, we used a Sonos Arc and two Sonos Ones in a medium-sized room. We wanted to measure results in a less-than-ideal environment.

The Sub Mini worked well with the Sonos Arc and Sonos Ones. Naturally, I followed the brand’s recommended TruPlay method. The room is small, but the bass filled it without quality compromise.

In my 5.1 Sonos system, I already have a Sub, so comparisons are unavoidable. The Sub excels below 25 Hz. Large subwoofers may produce two to three times the sound level of Minis. It’s often obvious. It’s the major difference between devices’ sound capability.

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The Sub Mini is strong enough to softly fill the space with bass tones, improving music listening. We propose listening to a song with the subwoofer on and then off to compare the two. It’s clear. And that’s what important when buying the Sonos Mini, in my opinion.

No Sonos subwoofer pairing

Many Sonos users hoped to combine the Sub Mini with a Sub. No way. The bass quality will be worse with two subwoofers of somewhat differing specifications than if only one works. Sub-25 Hz.

It’s also not feasible to utilise two Sub Minis on a single Sonos system, which makes sense given you’d be better off getting a Sub. prepared

Sonos Sub Mini: worth buying or not?

Many music or home theatre fans will pick the Sonos Sub if they buy a Sonos system. At half the price of the Sonos Sub, it’s often enough. We agree with the brand that the size of the Sub Mini’s surroundings is important. Subwoofers won’t work in vast rooms. Speaker size affects the device’s presence. A Beam is different from an Arc. It won’t work with a Sonos One or Five. A big Sub is best.

The gadget has two flaws. Then cost. In some circumstances, €499 or $429 seems steep. TruPlay, which makes Sonos sound great, only works on an iPhone. Sadly.

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