PS4 and PS5 designer resigns from Sony

PS4 and PS5 designer resigns from Sony

The loss of PS4 and PS5 designer is a major blow to Sony’s PlayStation division. In October, Masayasu Ito will retire from his job as vice president of engineering. He is in charge of making consoles like the PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5.

The one of the most valuable people who helped make the PlayStation will leave Sony. Bloomberg says that Sony Interactive Entertainment’s vice president of hardware engineering, Masayasu Ito, will retire next month. During his 36 years at the company, Ito was responsible for the PS4 and PS5, and other major products.

On October 1, Masayasu Ito will resign immediately as head of SIE hardware. But until March 2023, the PlayStation architect will keep working in the mobility branch and as an executive advisor. His departure is important because he was in charge of the success of PlayStation 4, as well as other devices like PS VR and the PlayStation 4 Pro, which helped Sony become a leader in the video game industry.

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Ito started working for Sony in 1986, but he didn’t join PlayStation until the 2000s. He was the lead mechanical engineer for the PSP and the lead hardware engineer for the PS3, according to his LinkedIn profile. In April 2008, he became Vice President of Hardware Engineering at SCEI. In this role, he oversaw the design of the PlayStation 4, which is one of Sony’s most popular consoles.

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Do you recall watching the video of a PS5 being taken apart? The main character is Masayasu Ito, who started working on the console’s design in 2015. In it, he talked about how he comes up with ideas for PlayStation products.

Well-planned and aesthetically pleasing design is important to us. The console is simple and tidy, with no extraneous parts or inefficient design. Because of this, we are able to reach our goal of making a product that is perfect and of high quality.


Ito’s leaving comes at a crucial time when Sony is working hard to make sure that the PS5 will be made. Even though it broke sales records when it came out, chip shortages and problems with the supply chain are making it hard to get to people. Also, PlayStation decided to raise the price of the console in more than one place because the economy was uncertain.

Ito’s job as head of hardware engineering and operations in Japan will be taken over by Lin Tao. For his part, Hideaki Nishino will be in charge of the PlayStation platform. He became senior vice president in March 2021. Ito’s retirement was not made a big deal of. Instead, Sony just put out a short announcement with the other executive changes.

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Even though we often think of Ken Kutaragi or Mark Cerny when we think of PlayStation hardware, Masayasu Ito is an important part of the brand. The mechanical engineer, who went to Waseda University, has left his mark on the world with things like the LCD screen of the PSOne, some PS2 accessories, the software design of the PS4, and different versions of the DualShock controllers in the five generations of consoles that worked.

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