Optimo 2, Sonos’ most innovative speaker

Sonos' Optimo 2

Sonos‘s latest product is the Optimo 2, which is a speaker that aims to be the best high-end benchmark.

Sonos has had a rough couple of months when it comes to releasing new products, but they’re not letting up. A new speaker has been leaked by The Verge. Based on its features and design, it looks like it could be the most ambitious product from the company in a long time. It’s called Optimo 2 on the inside, and it stands out because it can send sound in more than one direction.

Even though there aren’t any official photos of the speaker yet, the media outlet in question had access to a render that was still being made. You will be able to see for yourself that its shape is very different from other Sonos ideas. Even though they have loudspeakers for a wide range of needs and situations, they all have a similar look. But the Optimo 2 goes in a different direction.

The first thing that stands out is the part of the shell in the middle, whose angles rise toward the sides. But there is a reason for those strange lines.

The Verge says that the Optimo 2 aims to be the best speaker Sonos has ever made. To do this, it will use a set of controllers that are spread out around the device. In fact, some of them go in different directions. One of the best things about it would be that it would work with Dolby Atmos.

Sonos Optimo 2

There will also be mics on it. So you may chat to virtual assistants and adjust sound based on where you are.

What about how big it is? According to the report, it will be about the same size as the Sonos Five. This one is 203 x 364 x 154 millimeters, so you can get an idea of how much space the Optimo 2 will take up.

Inside, it will have twice as much RAM and eight times as much flash memory as the company’s other speakers. You can connect wirelessly through the Wi-Fi network, but the most interesting thing about it in this way is that it has Bluetooth built in. Up until now, the only brand-name devices that used this connection standard were the Move and the Roam, which were portable.

Also, it’s possible that the Optimo 2 will have a USB-C input when it comes out. Although, this feature isn’t set in stone yet. If it came true, it would be the first Sonos speaker to have that port.

Eye, the idea behind Sonos is to make a whole family of speakers called Optimo. In the future, we’ll see the Optimo 1 and the Optimo 1 SL. It’s not clear how they’ll be different from others right now. What is known is that they will put out an update that will let them talk to each other.

We don’t know how much the Sonos Optimo 2 will cost. However, we think it won’t be cheap because it has so many high-end features. The Verge even suggests that it could be the replacement for the Sonos Five, which hasn’t been updated in a few years.

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